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According to Tejarat News, according to the central bank’s report published every month on developments in Tehran’s housing market, areas 5, 10 and 2 are among the most popular areas in this metropolis.

According to the Azar month report, Panj region was the most popular region with about 1,500 transactions, but what is the range of apartment prices in these regions?

Checking the price of apartments in area 5

The main neighborhoods in Panj region are Sadeghieh, Ponk, Jantabad and Ekbatan. Advertisements registered for the region show that the cheapest apartments cost about two billion tomans.

The cheapest 45-meter advertisement has been sold for one billion and 800 million tomans. The most expensive ad is 20 billion tomans and its size is 210 meters. But in general, most advertisements have a price between three billion and 500 million and eight billion tomans.

Checking the price of apartments in area 10

The most well-known neighborhoods in District 10 are Selsbil, Azarbaijan and Zanjan. The cheapest advertisement in this section is one billion and 690 million tomans with 36 meters and the most expensive one belongs to an apartment of five billion and 550 million tomans. Most of the advertisements have a price between two and three billion tomans.

Checking the price of apartments in area 2

Saadat Abad, Marzdaran and Shahrak Gharb are the main neighborhoods in Region Two. The lowest price for the advertisement of this area is located in Saadat Abad, it is 32 meters and the price is two billion and 500 million Tomans.

The most expensive ad is 80 billion tomans and its size is high; 825 meters! The price in most advertisements of this area is recorded between 8 and 17 billion tomans.

Apartment prices in popular areas of Tehran

The statistics of the increase in transactions in December

The number of transactions in Panj region was 1,137 in November of this year and reached 1,532 in December. In region 10, the number of transactions was 740 and has grown to 958. This increase in region two was 718 and reached 943. Therefore, the number of transactions increased by 34.7% in the fifth region, 5.29% in the 10th region, and 3.31% in the second region.

In general, the number of transactions in the November report increased, but in some areas, there was no increase according to this statistic.

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