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apology and promise of arbitration to the people; We will return with a first-rate coach – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, Mohammadreza Davarzani, head of the volleyball federation, after the Olympic qualifiers, said: After the 2020 Olympics, with the opinion of the technical committee and the dear volleyball veterans, in line with the improvement and development of the level of Iranian coaches in parallel with Iranian volleyball in the competitions between international We trusted an experienced technical staff and based on past records and successes, we chose one of the best Iranian coaches as the head coach of our country’s national volleyball team. We tried to implement all the plans and demands of the technical staff.

He added: During this period, the national volleyball team with the national technical staff managed to win the championship in the 2021 Asian men’s competition in Japan and then by winning against powers such as Poland and America in the 2022 Nations League, it reached the final stage, but in the competitions Jahani did not get a very good result. The Volleyball Federation tried to solve the possible problems as much as possible, the national team in 2023 according to the plans and wishes of the technical staff to participate in the League of Nations, which did not get good results in the first two weeks and in the third week due to the problems of issuing American visas in The absence of several main players and the head coach of the team did not look good, although the freezing of Iran’s points in the world ranking was a bit of a salve.

The referee continued: After the meeting of the technical committee, with the majority of opinions, we came to the conclusion that considering the time limits and the rules of the Asian Games, we should strengthen the technical staff. The runner-up in the Asian Men’s Tournament in Urmia, due to the limitation of the long list of the Asian Games that was sent from last year, we could not make a change in the technical staff. We fully supported the technical staff of the national team, and by participating in the Asian Games, we managed to win the first gold medal for the Iranian team, and until the last day of these games, we were recognized as the only team team that won a gold medal. The precious medal won for the third time in a row for Iranian volleyball and sports.

The head of the Iran Volleyball Federation stated: Considering the time gap we had until the start of the Olympic qualifiers, by paying about 11 billion tomans only for business class flights from Tehran to Shanghai and then to Rio, we tried our best to send the national team in The best conditions are for us to go to the two Asian events and the Olympic qualifiers, but unfortunately, the results of the Olympic qualifiers were not worthy of the name and position of Iranian volleyball, and despite the fact that I believe that all the players and the technical staff did their best, unfortunately, they fell in the world rankings. We had a step up to the point where the team’s promotion to the 2024 Olympics is now in jeopardy and the situation has turned out to be such that the admirable results of the youth and youth teams in the world and the under-16 teams of Iran in Asia have faded in the shadow of these failures. Of course, we have to admit that compared to the vast majority of sports in our country, volleyball competes in a higher and global class, and people’s expectations from the national volleyball team are much higher than other sports.

In the end, he emphasized: People should be sure that both the federation and the players and the technical staff of the national team will do their best for the success of the national team, but I, as the head of the volleyball federation, am responsible for the failure of this strategy at the world level that the volleyball community wanted. I accept it and I apologize to the dear people of my country for these results and I promise that the volleyball federation will move towards its goal, which is the Olympic platform, by benefiting from a world-class foreign coach and attracting all the potentials of Iranian volleyball. He should always appear in the League of Nations competitions and by achieving brilliant results while making the hearts of the people happy, get the license to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics and appear in the Olympic Games better than in the previous two seasons, and the dream of the Olympic platform is closer than ever before his eyes. to see

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