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Appreciation of foresters in the Forest Organization

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the Forests Organization, in the ceremony of commemorating the position of foresters and victims of natural resources, which was attended by Seyed Javad Sadati Nejad, Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, Ali Nikzad, Deputy Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Ismail Najjar, Chairman of the Crisis Management Organization, Sardar Masoom Beigi NAJA Preventive Police, Massoud Mansour, head of the Forests Organization and a number of representatives of the Agriculture Commission were held at the site of the Forests, Rangelands and Watershed Management Organization, and foresters and natural and environmental workers were thanked.

The ceremony, which was held in appreciation of the efforts of foresters and natural resources survivors, is now the fifth event to be held since 1996 by the Society of Land Supporters and the Cooperation and Participation of the Forests, Rangelands and Watershed Management Organization.

The ceremony, which began with the recitation of a few verses from the Holy Quran and the greeting of the head of the Vali-e-Faqih delegation, was presented by Saeed Tahmasbian, CEO of the Earth Supporters Association and National Secretary of the Foresters Commemoration Conference. He added: “My greatest honor is that I am now dressed as a forester.”

Also in this ceremony, 6 national model foresters, 6 honorary foresters, a selfless forester, the family of the late Mahshad Karimi and Reyhaneh Yassini, ISNA and IRNA reporters who lost their lives in the field of information on natural resources and environment, as well as The family of Martyr Behzadi was appreciated.

In the section of nationally selected foresters: Mansour Armideh, natural resources forester of Kermanshah province, Sardar Sharifi, forester of natural resources of Kurdistan province, Jalil Tabesh, forester of natural resources of Golestan province, Hamid Danshi, forester of natural resources of Guilan province, Javad Radpour, forester of natural resources of Alborz province and Abbas Alborz of natural resources Kerman was honored by the officials for attending the event.

Also in the honorary foresters section, Ms. Mehlagha Kashefi, activist in the field of natural resources and environment, Mr. Seyed Mohammad Ghasemi from the Association of Supporters of Zagros Forests from Lorestan province, Mr. Javad Qaraei, documentary filmmaker and presenter of Irangerd program, Mr. Majid Ghazanfari from Positive Health Program Mr. Davood Ahmadi from Nasim Royesh Jihadi Camp and Mr. Nader Abu Ali, Chairman of Behbahan Mountaineering Board were honored.

In the field of funerals and martyrs of natural resources from the families of Behzadi martyrs due to the loss of loved ones in firefighting in the forests of Haigar Strait in Fars province, as well as the family of the late Mahshad Karimi and Reyhaneh Yassini from ISNA and IRNA reporters Nature and the environment are lost, appreciation was given.

Also in this ceremony, Mr. Vali Naderi, a veteran of natural resources in Semnan province, who was beaten and severely injured in defense of rangelands in defense of rangelands, was thanked.

According to the information center of the Forests Organization, in the continuation of this ceremony, the radio network of natural resources and watershed management in four provinces of Tehran, Qazvin, South Khorasan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari was simultaneously opened and a special card of judicial officers for foresters was unveiled.

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