Are some applicants of the National Housing Movement eliminated?

According to Tejarat News, the removal of some applicants National housing movement is it true

Quoted from ISNAIf the applicants National housing movement If they do not make a deposit after three SMS messages, they will be replaced by people from the reservation list.

This matter was announced three days ago by Alireza Jafari, the CEO of New Cities Development Company. At the same time, he recently said that applicants should not be excluded without reason.

Alireza Jafari, in the meeting of the National Housing Movement camp, which was held via video conference, emphasized that removing the applicants of the National Movement plan without a valid reason will not be acceptable in any of the subsidiaries and said: if this happens and it is proven wrong in Each of the companies will definitely deal with the relevant broker.

Referring to the investment package of 50,000 billion tomans for partnership projects in new cities, Jafari said: All companies are obliged to follow this field strongly and add to the added value of their cities.

The CEO of Omran Yadadi Hadid also emphasized the importance of productivity in new cities and stated: In this regard, all cities should identify the lands that are capable of establishing settlements and put this issue on the agenda by selecting a consultant and obtaining the approval of the Provincial Planning Council. put yourself

According to the announcement of the New Cities Construction Company, Alireza Jafari added in this regard: Cities should create attractiveness to attract investors and by completing the information bank of this field, they should take advantage of the potential of volunteer investors.

We must be able to make up for the past delays and advance to an acceptable level at this stage by preparing investment packages at the latest by the end of the summer of this year.

In another part of his speech, he emphasized the importance of clearing management in new cities and added: The most important measures in the advancement of the National Housing Movement plan are the screening of applicants, the definition of the project and land, the selection of contractors and the start of implementation operations, which should be implemented in all cities. Proceed according to the schedule and be included in the agenda.

So the report, from 4 million units National housing movement 700,000 Nahdat units will be built under the responsibility of the new cities construction company, of which 100,000 units are being implemented, and the CEO of New Cities has promised that this number will reach 200,000 units by the beginning of August.

In general, about 5.4 million people have registered for the National Housing Movement, of which 3.6 million have been approved. The registration of the seventh stage has started on July 15, 1401 in 17 provinces and 163 cities.

Registration will be done in the comprehensive housing support plans system at According to the latest estimates, the price of units per square meter National housing movement It will be 4,750,000 Tomans and the construction time of the project is 18 to 24 months.

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