Are stock banking industries growing?

According to Tejarat News, the total stock market index started a relatively upward trend with the beginning of 1401, from the level of 1,370,000 units on the first working day of spring to the level of 1,539 units at the end of this season, and a growth of 12.3 Recorded a percentage.

Despite the growth of the banking group index, the situation was not very good and the shareholders could not make a good profit from this industry.

At present, the banking industry can move upwards due to the increase in the exchange rate, inflation and Borjam. That is, if one of these components is strongly present in the capital market in the summer, we can expect the growth of the industry index.

Economic statistics show that the country’s inflation is increasing. As a result, inflation can be considered as a permanent signal for the growth of the capital market, especially banking symbols.

On the other hand, the situation of Borjam is not clear and with the agreement in Borjam negotiations, the capital market will leave a good and balanced trend. But if the negotiations do not reach an agreement, we can expect the growth of foreign exchange and the jump of the banking group.

In general, the banking industry can take an upward trend due to the available signals. Of course, government intervention should not be ignored. The intervention of officials can change the general trend of transactions and reverse them in some way.

Which stock market industry is growing?

Iman Raisi, a capital market expert, told Tejaratnews: “This year, unlike previous years, the big banks held their meetings in June.” These banks also recorded positive performance with the growth of capital adequacy ratio, which is an indicator of performance appraisal and bank risk coverage.

He added: “The exchange rate option, which is tied to inflation and Borjam, will continue to be a factor in the growth of bank revenues if Borjami is not in place!”

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