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Armenia becomes Iran’s gateway to the Eurasian market

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the Trade Development Organization of Iran, Alireza Peymanpak, referring to the minister’s visit صمت To Armenia and met and saidوگو With the Minister of Economy, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Central Bank and Minister of Infrastructure and Mines of Armenia, he said: “In these meetings, it was agreed that Iran can use Armenia’s membership in Eurasia until the finalization of the free trade agreement with Eurasia and in the form of joint investment.” , By repacking goods and installing assembly lines to produce common goods and export to all Eurasian countries.
The head of Iran’s Trade Development Organization said that Armenia is a good opportunity and path to reach the Eurasian markets and to be present in the Russian market. And gain access to the Persian Gulf and from there be able to activate the transit route and the north-south corridor, which was welcomed by the Iranian side and suggestions and solutions were provided in this regard.
Peymanpak added: “Other agreements have been reached to allow trucks of the two countries to travel in each other’s lands and to reduce the cost of importing trucks, which is currently a high cost.”
He said: “According to this, it was decided that the two sides will form a working group and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Roads, this route will be facilitated so that both Armenians can connect to the Persian Gulf shores and Iranian trucks can enter Armenia directly and travel to Armenia at a lower cost.” Go to Moscow and Georgia.

* Providing the ground for a large presence of technical and engineering companies in Armenia

deputy Minister صمت Among the other issues discussed were the wide opportunities for the presence of technical and engineering service companies in Armenia, and said: “Considering that Armenia has planned to build 15 dams, roads, tunnels, power plants and many other development projects, and since technical companies And Iranian engineering has a good history of cooperation in this field in Armenia and has implemented several projects. It was decided to provide the necessary support in this field from both sides and to solve the problems of some previous projects that were associated with challenges.
“The Armenian officials also expressed a desire to create a more open space for Iranian companies to participate in tenders in order to facilitate the presence of Iranian companies in this country,” he said.
He added: “On the other hand, the Iranian side also pledged to facilitate the conditions for issuing guarantees for these companies and to design the necessary mechanisms in this field and to provide special support in this field.”
Peyman Pak said that the colleagues of the Export Guarantee Fund were also present in these meetings سازو Work was defined to facilitate this process, and projects were finalized so that Iranian technical and engineering companies could eventually have a wider presence in the Armenian market.
deputy Minister صمت Referring to the serious presence of companies and the private sector in the trip to Armenia and the accompaniment of about 35 private sector activists in the field of production and trade with the Minister صمتSaid: Among the axes that were seriously agreed in this trip and led to the conclusion of the contract and the start of executive operations, was the field of home appliances.
Peyman Pak added: “In this regard, the two home appliance companies had an agreement with the Armenian side and reached a conclusion with their partners, and it was decided to assemble the goods in this country and offer them to the markets of Armenia and Eurasia in the form of creating lines.”
“Among the other areas agreed upon was fisheries,” he said. At present, this market has become a less competitive market for Iran.
The head of the Trade Development Organization of Iran continued: “Accordingly, it was decided that the fishery companies that were present during this trip, as soon as possible take executive measures to produce and Processing These products and exports to the markets of Russia and Armenia.

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Peyman Pak mentioned the field of food industry and detergents as other areas of cooperation with Armenia, which were discussed during the visit.

* Accelerate and develop the activity of the commercial center of Armenia
The Deputy Minister and Director General of the Trade Development Organization of Iran said: “Also, during a meeting with Iranian businessmen with a history in Armenia, it was decided to design a suitable dock for supply and storage of goods in Armenia, in addition to accelerating and expanding the activities of the Armenian Trade Center.”
Peymanpak added: “In this regard, and during the review with the banking groups present at the meeting, it was decided in the form of a program, within the next month, to create designs that will offer their services more widely to the commercial center and the dock and distribution center.” Create and develop Iran in a centralized way.
He continued: “Currently, more than 40 Iranian companies are operating in Armenia, but they do not have a single supply, logistics and docking center, which was decided to be implemented with the cooperation of Iranian businessmen living in Armenia.”
* Development of the activities of the Export Guarantee Fund in Armenia

The Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Trade Development Organization of Iran said: “Another important issue that was agreed upon during the visit to Armenia and reached the operational and executive stages, was the use of expanding the activities of the Export Guarantee Fund in Armenia.”
Peymanpak added: “The Export Guarantee Fund has reached an executive and operational agreement with one of its Armenian counterparts, according to which Iranian exporters intending to export to Armenia can introduce their Armenian traders to the corresponding group of the Export Guarantee Fund in Armenia.” In exchange for the guarantees and credit that the Armenian side has in Armenia, the Export Guarantee Fund in Iran shall issue insurance and guarantees for Iranian exporters.
He added: “Currently, this process has been implemented and operational, and traders can use it as an alternative.” ال Thirty use.
At the end of the trip a trade cooperation agreement between the Minister صمت Iran and Armenian Minister of Economy signed.
Under the agreement, which focused on co-production, trade development, co-operation to enter the Eurasian market, banking and logistics, a joint working group was set up by the Iranian Deputy Minister. صمت And the head of the Trade Development Organization, and on behalf of the Armenian Deputy Minister of Industry, plans, implements and monitors the agreements reached.

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