Asian Taekwondo Championship; The opponents of the three Iranian representatives were identified

According to IRNA, the 25th Asian Taekwondo Championships will be held for four days with the participation of 386 taekwondo fighters from 34 countries and will be hosted by South Korea at the Huban Hall in Chancheon.

Tomorrow, Friday, on the first day, the fights in the weights of minus 54 and minus 68 kg for men, minus 46, minus 53 and minus 57 kg for women will be held. Three representatives of the Iranian team in the weights of minus 68 for men, minus 53 and minus 57 kg for women will meet their competitors. they are going.

After the weightlifting of the taekwondo fighters, the lottery was held on the first day, during which the taekwondo fighters of our country got to know their competitors.

Accordingly, in the weight category of minus 68 kg, in which 19 taekwondo fighters have registered, the great Daniel in his first Asian experience in the first round will have to meet “Zhang Yunseuk” from South Korea, and if he wins, he will face the winner of the fight between Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Nahid Kiani (minus 53 kg) will pass the first round of the draw in the first round and will face the winner of the fight against the Philippines and Vietnam in the quarterfinals. 13 taekwondo fighters have registered in this weight.

Zahra Sheidaei, weighing less than 57 kg, with 12 taekwondo fighters in attendance, will have a break in the first round and will continue to visit one of the Al-Wahdai taekwondo fighters from Kuwait and Yassin Yara Mohammad Jordan.

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