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Attracting 90,000 young people in jihadi groups with the intention of Sardar Soleimani

Sardar Mohammad Zahraei in an interview with Fars News Agency economic reporter, in response to the question that after the martyrdom of Sardar Soleimani, what changes took place in the performance of jihadi groups and religious aid? He said: “Certainly, for the love of Sardar Delha, both the faithful help increased after his martyrdom and new jihadi groups were formed.”

He explained: In a short period of time after the martyrdom of this dear commander, 6,000 new jihadi groups were formed, in which an average of 15 young people are members, and about 90,000 young people to serve the people and for the love of Martyr Haj. Qassem Soleimani was recruited by unprecedented jihadist groups.

He added: “After the martyrdom of Hajj Qasim, the jihadi groups were very well received and many jihadi groups named their service plans after Sardar Delha, and the service movement to the deprived was expanded.”

The head of the country’s construction mobilization said: At the time of the Khuzestan flood in April 1998, Martyr Qassem Soleimani himself was present in Khuzestan, where he called on the youth to serve the flood victims, and many jihadist groups from all over the country to help The flood victims came from the provinces of Khuzestan and Lorestan, and this continued until after his martyrdom, jihadist groups were formed more rapidly and multiplied. A number of jihadi groups called Haj Qasim were launched.

Sardar Zahraei said: “More than 6,000 jihadi groups were registered and launched in a short period of time, and the Basij named many of the projects it implemented to eliminate deprivation, named after Haj Qasim. The most important of these projects is the plan of Shahid Soleimani to confront It was the expansion of the corona that 200,000 jihadists volunteered to rush to the aid of coronary patients, an important project that helped control and prevent coronary heart disease, as well as many of the problems of coronary patients.

He also said that the movement of faithful assistance in the Basij was carried out by jihadi groups to plan livelihood packages as well as the release of prisoners.

According to him, the martyrdom of Haj Qasim coincided with the appearance of the corona, and various movements were held for this great martyr. Currently, jihadi groups in cooperation with the Forests and Rangelands Organization have started a planting project, according to which 500 million saplings are to be planted in the country by 1414. Also, by 1401, every Iranian is supposed to plant a sapling, and this project has started from different cities based on climate.

The head of Basij Sazandegi also said: 2500 projects were launched in the country during the Basij week in December of this year. Also, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Haj Qasem Soleimani, a project will be held in Kerman and all over the country. The intention of Martyr Qassem Soleimani was distributed among the deprived.

He also said: “Employment workshops in memory of Hajj Qasim have been set up for youth employment. Currently, more than a thousand projects are being held in the country on the anniversary of Hajj Qasim’s martyrdom, some of which are named after him and some in memory He is launched.

The head of the construction mobilization also said in the field of job creation: “Job creation workshops and a resistance economy will be set up for youth employment throughout the country.”

Sardar Zahraei also said about the plan to revive the constructive jihad: “With the round trip that was done in the review of this plan and the aristocratic president who found jihadi groups, it was decided to launch the constructive jihad at the level of the Supreme Council, and this is enough and requires Institutionalization is not new, but the Supreme Council of Jihad Sazandegi is set up to coordinate between ministries and agencies, and jihadi groups and Basij Sazandegi continue to serve and work.

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