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Atvan: America raised the white flag in Ukraine

According to IRNA, Abdulbari Atwan, an analyst and editor of Rai Elyoum newspaper, wrote in an editorial today (Tuesday): America has done all its efforts to quickly stop the war in Ukraine by conducting direct and quick negotiations with the leaders of Russia. Paying attention to Washington’s past positions in this regard, this is considered a type of Washington’s obvious retreat against Moscow and raising the white flag as a sign of surrender.

He stated: America has withdrawn from its stubborn positions in order to avoid the possibility of a direct conflict with Russia and the possibility of a world-destroying nuclear war; Especially considering that Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened three times that if Russia is attacked, including the four new regions that have recently joined the country, he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. . Putin also emphasized that the city of Kherson, which the Russian forces withdrew from a few days ago, is still an inseparable part of the Russian territory.

Atwan added: After the secret meeting that US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan held two weeks ago to discuss how not to expand the war and drag NATO into its arena, yesterday Monday a White House official revealed that William Burns, head of the organization The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) met with its Russian counterpart, Sergey Nar Bishkin, head of the Russian Intelligence Service, in Ankara to convey a message to the Russian side about the consequences of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons.

This well-known analyst of the political issues of the Arab world is unlikely that the purpose of this meeting is to make Russia aware of the serious consequences of using nuclear weapons, because according to him, Russia is not a small country that does not know the dangers of this, but a big country that 6 It has 1,500 nuclear warheads and hypersonic ballistic missiles that can deliver a nuclear warhead to the east coast of America and destroy it in less than seven minutes.

The editor-in-chief of Ray Elium wrote: America knows that it has been involved in a war of attrition, a military financial loss, in Ukraine since almost 9 months ago, which people in European countries have expressed their opposition to by holding demonstrations and protests through secret official channels, they have demanded an immediate stop to this war and the lifting of economic sanctions against Russia, because these sanctions have failed and have brought negative and painful feedback to European citizens as well as the European Union, and have increased the possibility of bankruptcy and disintegration. becoming European countries.

According to Atwan, America has resorted to two basic processes to get rid of its failed policies in Ukraine and Southeast Asia. First, the White House has opened a dialogue channel at the highest levels with the two poles, namely Russia and China, regarding the tension-causing issues in Ukraine, Europe, and Taiwan, Asia, because the American government has realized that its plans to break up the alliance between Russia and China are impossible. Has become. Second, Washington asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to stop making unrealistic statements and setting exaggerated conditions for negotiations with Russia in order to reach political solutions to end the war. Who is Zelensky to say “I will not negotiate with Russia as long as Putin is in power”?

This famous Palestinian writer and journalist living in London noted that US President Joe Biden used his participation in the G20 meeting in Indonesia as an excuse to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, which was held at Biden’s request. It lasted for three hours, during which he told his Chinese counterpart, “How great it is to meet you,” and the Chinese president only smiled at him in response.

In the continuation of his editorial, Abdulbari Atwan speculates that the US President probably asked China in this meeting to mediate in view of its strong relationship with Moscow in order to achieve a correct and quick solution, and in this way, the US, regarding the Ukraine crisis, raised the white flag as a sign of surrender.

According to the editor-in-chief of Ray Elium, the US leaders had forgotten two basic issues in connection with the crisis in Ukraine and Taiwan. Firstly, they are facing two nuclear rivals in China and Russia, and secondly, America is no longer the only superpower in the world to dominate the world and its economic, military and political possibilities.

He continued: It seems that Putin opened America’s eyes to this bitter reality by sending his forces to Ukraine and recapturing four regions and adding them to the territorial integrity of Russia.

At the end of his editorial, Abdulbari Atwan predicted that within a few days or next week, a ceasefire will be established in the war in Ukraine based on the conditions set by Russia.

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