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Bank Melli Iran supports Khuzestani producers with the aim of strengthening the country’s food security

Company News; ‌ Public Relations Report Bank Melli IranBehin Melal Halal Arvand Company received 400 billion Rials in facilities from this bank last year. The field of activity of this company is fattening and slaughtering livestock.

The bank has also paid 250 billion rials in facilities to “Tak Nan Nan Food Industries Company”. This company is also active in the production of various types of industrial bread.

The amount of 130 billion Rials has been paid to the “Ahvaz Bud Flour Production Company”. This company is active in the field of flour production.

In this regard, “Karkheh Glucose Company”, which is engaged in the production of corn processing products, has received 100 billion rials in facilities from the National Bank of Iran.

Also, “Persian Gulf Trade Industry Development Company”, which is active in the field of fish farming, has received facilities amounting to 113 billion Rials from the National Bank of Iran.

Due to food security in the country, the National Bank of Iran in various provinces has supported the producers of this industry.

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