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Beginning of the operation of organizing the barracks of Qala Naseri in Iranshahr

According to the report of Aria Heritage, quoting the public relations of the General Directorate of Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts of Sistan and Baluchestan, Rahman Rigi stated today, July 24, 1401:

The head of Iranshahr Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department added: “This project is being carried out in Naseri Castle with a credit forecast of 3 and a half billion rials from the 1401 provincial credit of Iranshahr.”

He stated that one of the goals of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department is to reconstruct and revive Naseri Castle and said: “Naseri Castle is a shining jewel in the history and identity of Iranshahr city and as one of the largest brick buildings in Iran needs maintenance and restoration.”

Rigi continued: “After the implementation of national and appropriate programs in the barracks, the representative of Iranshahr constituency met with the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and asked the demands of the people of the city from Mr. Zarghami that one of these demands is revival, restoration and “It was the exploitation of the historical castles of the region that we are planning to realize by the order of the minister.”

“With the efforts of the director general and the follow-up of the city representative, appropriate credits have been allocated this year in all three areas of heritage, culture, handicrafts and tourism, whose contracts are being concluded,” he said.

The head of Iranshahr’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department noted: “With the cultural perspective of provincial officials and the ancient history of the region, we will soon see the development of tourism infrastructure and the restoration of the city’s historic buildings.”

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