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Behrouz Shoaib: The next grandfathers of the Shahnameh community do not know

According to Fars News Agency, the award ceremony of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran to Behrouz Shoaib, the director of the film “Without Priority”, the 1401 film selected by the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran, was held on Thursday evening, June 3, 1401 in the mansion of Bagh-e Honar.

* “Without prior appointment” is between culture and identity

At the beginning of the ceremony, which was hosted by Rasoul Sadeghi, Younes Shokrkhah grew old and before reading the statement of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran, he said: “It may be important to choose a film as a successful film, but other major reasons for choosing There is; Depending on how we look at cinema as hegemony, industry, art and…

He continued: “Perhaps for those interested in the field of culture, the type of cinemas that became known as reality cinemas on the screen is more attractive.” The main theme in the appeal of a film is “identity”; An identity that arises from the truth of persons and concepts.

The director of the Communications and Media Department of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran stated: Mr. Shoaib’s work is about traveling between culture and identity; However, the Farabi Cinema Foundation, as a sponsor, has also put discourses in front of the filmmaker.

Shokrkhah emphasized: In the field of art, no matter how correctly the meanings are presented, we are moving between encoding and decoding. We have a lot more delay for some films and it was made by Mr. Shoaib.

Shokrkhah then read the statement of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran for the selection of the film “No Priority”.

Then, in the presence of Hojjatullah Ayoubi, Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran, Seyed Mehdi Javadi, Director of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, Mohammad Hossein Hejazi, Director of the Abbasabad Land Organization and Saeedeh Saleh Ghaffari, Director of the Autism Association, commendation plaque and awards Iran Autism was awarded to Behrouz Shoaib and Mahmoud Babaei.

At the request of Behrouz Shoaib, the young actor of the film was honored at the ceremony.

The voice of autism reached people after 9 years

Saeedeh Saleh Ghaffari, director of the Autism Association, thanked the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran and said: “This film is worth such spiritual gifts.” It is a disorder that is difficult to treat and believe in, and of course today there are few people who do not deal with this issue after suffering from autism and do not worry about it.

He went on to say: “Autism has reached the ears of the people after 9 years. We still have a long way to go to support people with autism. Today, many people with autism are not fully covered by insurance, and many people with autism still have to go to the military. I address these issues so that our loved ones in the field of art can take further steps to create this disorder. I am proud to inform you about the construction of the first comprehensive national autism center. I also hope that this film will be one of the most watched films of the genre of awareness.

Behrouz Shoaib: The next grandfathers of the Shahnameh community do not know

* I’m worried about my lost heritage

Shoaib continued the ceremony: “Bitter events have happened to our country during this period.” But today is the beginning of the decade of dignity that belongs to Imam Raouf; Imam Reza (AS). Today was a happy day for me because I received this award from Mr. Ayoubi, who is himself known to the people of cinema.

He continued: “My concern today is the next grandparents of this society.” Grandparents who no longer know the Shahnameh and their mental problems have changed. Today is a time when we must return to that accessible identity and find the issues that affect the future of our country, and the making of the film “Without an Appointment” has been done in this direction.

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