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Biden: Every decision should bring us closer to stopping greenhouse gas emissions

Biden added at the “Building a Better World” meeting on the sidelines of the 26th UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, on Tuesday that countries should prioritize renewable and green energy and fight climate change from the start of their infrastructure projects.
The President of the United States promised that according to high standards, we will build infrastructure that will help communities grow.
Emphasizing the importance of transparency, he promised that by helping and responding to the needs of developing countries, instead of dictating projects from a distance, we could have the greatest impact on those most in need.
Biden added that by uniting to make a difference in the lives of people around the world, we must show that democracy is the best way to achieve results.
He then pointed to five points in infrastructure investments, saying that every project should be resilient to the weather, and that the start of any project should be based on the climate vision.

According to him, the design of new transport infrastructure should be due to rising sea levels. Digital infrastructure must be built to withstand severe weather conditions.
Stating that more should be invested in solar and wind energy this decade, the US president again promised that the United States, Britain, France, Germany and the European Union would announce new partnerships with South Africa to Make the country a clean energy economy faster.
Biden said South Africa was the largest producer of greenhouse gases in Africa, due to its high dependence on coal for energy, and promised to shut down coal-fired power plants and help South Africa use it. From clean energy, we help developing countries along with the G7 countries.

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“All our projects must be in close cooperation with the countries in which these projects take place,” he said, adding that projects will only be effective if they are welcomed by the community and the benefits for the communities should be Be equal and immediate.

Biden added that to make the world project better, it must be of high quality and standard, meaning that transparent and competitive processes must be used to prevent corruption.
Emphasizing the need for cooperation, the President of the United States stated that in order to stop the production of greenhouse gases by 2050, we need to provide trillions of dollars of budget to use the resources of the private and public sectors.
He continued that the construction and development of infrastructure should contribute to sustainable economic recovery. This can help create jobs in the developing world as well as the developed world.
He went on to say that the transition from a global economy to a greenhouse gas-free economy is expected to create about 30 million jobs by 2030. So the climate crisis is a great opportunity that can help create jobs.

Leaders of the world, along with environmental experts and activists, gathered in Glasgow yesterday (Monday) to attend the 26th Glasgow Climate Summit (Cup 26) on the survival of the 2015 Paris Agreement, in which countries pledged to reduce Air temperatures have been discussed.

The Paris Agreement is a global agreement on climate change and global warming that was adopted following the 2015 Paris Conference on Climate Change under the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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Simultaneously with the opening of this meeting; The World Meteorological Organization has warned that the Earth’s temperature is the warmest recorded in the history of the planet in the last seven years, and in 2021 sea levels will rise to unprecedented altitudes, causing devastating climate-related climate damage. , Has been more than before.

Hundreds of environmental activists demonstrated in various parts of Glasgow yesterday, chanting slogans calling on the leaders to take action to reduce global warming. The protests are set to continue until the end of the Glasgow summit.


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