Biden revealed US military secrets

According to the report of Fars International News Agency, US President Joe Biden admitted in an interview with CNN that the American forces are running out of ammunition.

Biden seeks to justify his controversial decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine by revealing a very sensitive truth about the US military, which is that the country’s military is running out of artillery shells.

Biden made such admissions in an interview with CNN on Sunday, saying it was necessary to give cluster bombs to Kiev because 155mm artillery shells were in short supply.

He said: “This is a war that is related to ammunition, and their ammunition is running out, and we are also short.”

Conservative critics, such as US podcast host Steve Guest, said Biden revealed what should remain a state secret.

In this regard, he said: “Joe Biden announces to the world that America has a small amount of 155 mm bullets. “Does President Biden not care that our opponents in Communist China are listening?”

Logan Dobson, a member of the United States Senate, also said: “I love the moment when the President of the United States goes on CNN to tell everyone that we have a shortage of ammunition.”

Biden made these statements while the United States and its European allies were preparing to discuss the Ukraine war and how to support Kiev against Moscow at the NATO meeting in Vilnius this week.

Republican members of Congress have argued that Biden’s comments on CNN show that the US campaign to provide Kiev with billions of dollars in arms has weakened US defenses.

On the other hand, Republican Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio called Biden’s comments “astonishing admissions by Biden, something I’ve been warning about for over a year. He says that the 155 mm shells of our and Ukraine’s artillery are dangerous. The war in Ukraine is causing great harm to our national security.

Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona said that given Biden’s admission of reducing artillery stockpiles, “we can’t send any more to Ukraine. “America is a priority.”

However, an unnamed White House official disputed Biden’s claim, telling Fox News that military aid to Ukraine has not reduced US ammunition.

He explained: “The army has special requirements for the number of weapon systems and ammunition that we keep in our reserves in case of possible accidents or military conflict, and what we send to Ukraine is surplus, so America’s own ammunition is not running out.”

Some congressmen consider the Ukraine war a “proxy war” against Russia. David Sachs, an American technology entrepreneur, says that despite the fact that Washington spends more on defense than Russia, Biden’s strategy seems to be backfiring.

In this regard, he said: “The point of the proxy war was to weaken Russia, but America ran out of ammunition first, so who is weakening the other?”

American aid to Ukraine alone has exceeded one hundred billion dollars, and some of NATO’s most advanced equipment has gone to the battlefields with Russia; Leopard tanks and Patriot anti-aircraft systems are among these, but despite the fact that Western countries have sent extensive equipment to Ukraine, many experts consider the probability of this country’s victory in the battle against the Russians to be insignificant.

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