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According to Tejarat News, the review of the performance report of “Pekvir” in June this year shows that in this month of 1402, like April and May, the company was able to record the production amount higher than the average production of the last 12 months (2839 tons).

Although this report shows a 2.02 percent drop in June production compared to May of this year, this figure is about 2,989 tons compared to June last year. four The percentage has increased.

The decline in numbers can also be seen in the sales amount of the company; So that this figure has reached three thousand and 481 tons from three thousand and 516 tons with a drop of one percent.

sales amount

Tire price increase

However, the decrease in the company’s sales did not reduce the monthly income of June. Because the price of tires has increased in June this year compared to May. So that the sale price of desert tires per ton reached 115 million tomans from 112 million tomans.

This three percent growth of the company’s sales rate caused the decrease in sales volume to be compensated. In this way, the monthly income of Desert Tire Company increased by 1.75% in June compared to May this year and reached 400 billion tomans from 394 billion tomans.

Also, the company’s income has experienced a 26% growth in June this year compared to the same period last year, which is mainly due to the increase in tire sales rates.

Pekwir's monthly income

Gas price increase

The chart below shows the company’s fuel consumption rate in the last seven months. A look at this chart indicates that the company’s fuel consumption rate has remained relatively stable in the last four months.

But with the increase in the price of gas feed, naturally, the price of fuel gas also increases. It should be noted that Kavir Tire must increase its production to compensate for the increase in production cost caused by the growth of gas prices.

Fuel gas rate

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