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Biden weekend fun became a nuisance

According to IRNA, Tom Cotton in an exclusive interview with Fox News on Monday, who spoke about issues such as Afghanistan, the border crisis, the 2024 elections, added that the president’s weekend visit to the coastal state of Delaware added “shame” to “humiliation”. he does.

“I think this is a shame,” the Republican senator said. Simply add shame to Joe Biden’s humiliation of the reckless abandonment of Americans in Afghanistan.

Cotton continued: “Biden decided to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan by September 11 (September 20), which he considered a symbolic political date. But this was a catastrophic tactical time in the midst of the war because the Taliban were preparing for war again.

He added that Biden had broken his promise to “stay” in Afghanistan until all Americans were evacuated, causing the Taliban flag to fly over the US embassy.

The belligerent senator also accused Biden of insulting Americans who are currently trapped in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the US military by adding insults to his breach of covenant.

According to Cotton, the Biden administration has relocated all Green Card holders and their families and Afghans who served with US troops and were approved to immigrate to the United States, and in return, thousands of Afghans under US law. They had no significant connection to the United States or did not have the right to immigrate, they were brought to the United States.

The White House declined to comment on the Republican senator’s remarks about the government’s deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, which killed 13 American soldiers in a suicide bombing in Kabul last month.

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After 20 years of occupying Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the United States was finally forced to leave the country and evacuate all its military and diplomatic facilities.

The move prompted Ashraf Ghani to flee and the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan, which has vowed to form an inclusive government and respect women’s rights.


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