Haj Mohammadi: The enemy wants to question the achievements of human rights in prisons by blackmailing and spreading lies.

According to Fars News Agency, Mohammad Mehdi Haj Mohammadi in a monthly meeting with the general managers of the headquarters and the province, which was held in the presence of the head of the Judiciary Protection and Information Center, referring to recent events, said: It is normal for people, but because we are in an Islamic system, these issues are not acceptable even in their smallest form and should not happen.

He stated that the enemy has made a great effort to question the functioning of the Islamic system due to the events in the prison. This way to attack the Islamic system.

Haj Mohammadi, stating that the rehabilitation and re-socialization of prisoners is our most important goal, said: Article 2 of the new executive regulations of the Prisons Organization, establishing affairs based on respect and etiquette as the first chain of correctional and educational activities.

The head of the Prisons Organization stated: “Since the beginning of responsibility in the Prisons Organization, all orientations, policies, priorities, frequent provincial trips, accompanying prisoners and portraying the actions and activities of prisons, due to changing the attitude of society and officials.” It is about the prison, the prisoner and his family, and we should not allow a small incident to call into question all those achievements.

He said that everyone should be sympathetic and supportive in order to implement organizational policies: “It will not be acceptable for the system to be harmed due to our weakness and lack of work.”

A member of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary reiterated the organization’s serious concern for the strict implementation of correctional and educational programs, saying that all managers and staff in prisons across the country should try not to repeat such incidents and that any administrative violations will be dealt with.

Haj Mohammadi further referred to the employment of prisoners and the protection of their families and said: “Fortunately, some provinces have been able to reach the target of 80% employment of eligible convicts, and we should thank them for their efforts.”

Emphasizing the need to take full care of the prisoners ‘families, he said: “Rebellion against the prisoners’ families is the beginning of the way to support and take care of them. We should all be concerned and we should not be satisfied with measures such as distributing living packages.”

At the end of his address to the directors of prisons across the country, Haj Mohammadi said: In the second round of provincial trips, the problems observed in previous trips will be investigated.

Today, the enemy has come to war with the Iranian People’s Revolution through the media

At the beginning of the meeting, Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin Abdullahi, head of the Judiciary Protection and Intelligence Center, said in a speech, referring to the need to observe security in prisons: اند.

“What happened recently was a great loss that overshadowed many years of hard work and, of course, made us aware of some of the damage in the prison area,” Abdullahi said.

He added: “Today, global arrogance has come to war with our people’s revolution through the media, and if we deviate from our principles and beliefs, we will be harmed.”

The head of the Judiciary Protection and Information Center went on to explain some of the harms in prisons and the necessary points in this regard.

In this meeting, which was held through a national video conference, the deputies of the organization spoke about issues related to staff affairs, the need to train the new regulations of the organization, as well as the need to take care of the families of prisoners.

A number of provincial general managers also expressed their views.

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