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Branch management and business insurance agents are completely digital

According to the monetary financial news, Qassem Qashqavi, director of branches and representatives of Tejarat-e-Novo Insurance Company, called 1400 a successful year in the field of branches and representatives and said that very good measures were taken in this field.
Saha system is one of the forthcoming measures in this management that all its studies will be done, a pilot system will be designed and this system will be unveiled after the administrative steps. In this system, only all issues related to the sales network such as electronic recruitment of representatives, periodic questionnaire of representatives ‘satisfaction (parentheses), monitoring of representatives (signs) and access to all previously sent circulars related to the field of representatives’ affairs through branch affairs management and Representatives as well as central insurance have been notified can be exploited.

Qashqavi said that one of the good things that has been done is to create a smart ID card for the agency, which will be unveiled this year.

Qashqavi, in relation to the field of representatives’ affairs, said: “One of the policies considered by this management is the quantitative development of representatives. By the end of 1400, the number of active representatives of the company reached more than 700 active representatives, 35% of whom were recruited in 1400 alone.”

According to him, Ino Trade Insurance Company has experienced a 100% growth in 1400 compared to the previous year regarding the quantitative development of representatives, so that 108 representatives were attracted in 1399 and 250 representatives in 1400.

The director of branches and representatives of Tejarat-e-Novo Insurance Company stated: This company is completely digital-oriented this year and the recruitment of the company’s representatives in an all-electronic process that will start as a pilot from several branches.

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The director of branches and representatives of Tejarat-e-Novo Insurance Company, regarding the promotion of “Hamino”, which is the company’s support package for representatives, said: “In order to always support the sales network, we are trying to make Hamino more attractive.”

In this regard, after receiving the offers of the sales network and also studying other insurance companies, very good offers have been presented and it is expected that with the help of the esteemed board of directors, we will be able to figure out a more welfare package for the representatives.

He said that at the beginning of each year, the performance of the representatives is evaluated based on the operational and insurance indicators and the representative’s rank is communicated to him. Representation will take place.

The Director of Branches and Representatives called the announcement of the representatives ‘budget as another unique measure in the insurance industry and said that every year the representatives’ budget in each field takes into account the geometric coefficient of the representatives ‘portfolio, the representatives’ share in indirect sales and controlling the portfolio combination with minimum sales. Each discipline will be notified to all delegates, and each chapter will be communicated to the delegates, specifying their monitoring and performance, and correcting recommendations to the delegate if necessary.

With this approach, all program-oriented and sales representatives are based on the announced program.

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