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Brazil eliminated Iran’s volleyball from the Olympic track/ there is no hope of winning – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, in the sixth match of the Olympic qualifiers hosted by Brazil, Iran’s national volleyball team faced Brazil at 16:30, and the match ended with a score of 3-0 in Brazil’s favor. The Iranian national volleyball team led by Alireza Tolokian faced this team. After the poor performance against the Czech Republic, Behrouz Atai resigned from the national team and Alireza Tolokian was given its leadership. During these matches, the national volleyball team lost against the teams of Germany, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Italy, and won only against Qatar.

Alireza Tolokian, the head coach of the national team, sent Mohammad Tahir Wadi, Shahrouz Homayunfarmanesh, Mohammad Walizadeh, Saber Kazemi, Mobin Nasri, Seyed Mohammad Mousavi and Mohammad Reza Hazratpour to the field as liberos against Brazil. Amin Ismailnejad is not in the lineup due to a digestive disease. During the warm-up before the match between Iran and Brazil, Mohammadreza Hazratpour was injured and left the starting line-up of our country’s national volleyball team, and Arman Salehi played as a libero against Brazil.

Iran’s volleyball men faced Brazil in navy uniforms and the liberos also wore white shirts.

first set; 25-19 in favor of Brazil

The start of the first set was associated with the superiority of Iran’s national volleyball team, and the students of Tolo Kian were able to score several points in a row and lead Brazil with a difference of points, but in the middle of the game, the Brazilian national team narrowed the gap and so that The game and the best team were on the field. In the end, although the Iranian players put in a lot of effort, the power of the Brazilians got the better of the Iranian team and this set ended with a score of 25-19 in favor of the Yellow-Pushans.

second set; 25/20 in favor of Brazil

Brazil had a stormy start at the beginning of the second set and gained three points right from the start; This made Tolo Kian ask for a break. Behrouz Atai, the retired head coach of the national team, watched this match. In the following, the Brazilians were still the best team in the field and were ahead of Iran by a few points. Saber Kazemi’s powerful services made Iran reach a draw. In the final scores, the Brazilians once again dictated their superiority to Iran and were able to finish this set with a score of 25-20 in their favor with several points in a row.

the third set; 25-23 in favor of Brazil

The start of the third set was accompanied by the superiority of the Brazilian team; But in the middle of the game, Tolovkian’s students made up for the lost points and had a back-and-forth match with the opponent. In the final points, the Brazilian team was ahead of Iran by two points, when Alireza Tolovkian asked for a video check in one scene, which was in Iran’s favor. However, this set ended with the result of 25-23 in favor of Brazil.

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