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Establishing a comprehensive insurance system and providing new plans is the main priority of Iran’s insurance

According to the financial news report, citing the public relations of Iran Insurance, Hassan Sharifi, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Iran Insurance, during the induction ceremony of Farhad Pertovi, the new Technical Vice President, while thanking and appreciating the services of Ahmad Safarzadeh, the former Technical Vice President of Iran Insurance, announced: the establishment of the system Comprehensive insurance and providing new insurance plans, including Takaful insurance policy, is the priority and the main policy of Iran’s insurance.

In this ceremony, which was held in the central building with the presence of the deputy CEOs and technical and staff managers, during his speech, he demanded to review the performance statistics of various fields by the relevant managers to use the golden opportunity remaining until the end of the year for the development of the insurance business environment. Using Arshmand’s past experiences and the implementation of the rail system in different areas of insurance, he said: the regulation of delegation of authority was a very good program that was implemented with the cooperation of technical managers for the first time in the history of the country’s insurance industry in Iran, and the most important The achievement of the implementation of this regulation was the change of methods and attitudes in front of the target community, increasing the speed of service and work motivation among the company’s employees.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran Insurance added: Our goals and main plan in Iran insurance are based on changes and new technologies and are based on the level of desires and expectations of insurers, and in this regard, to accelerate the provision of services to beneficiaries and insurers, focus Last year, we were based on the payment of claims, and by designing Iran’s insurance system and the treatment system and developing these systems, we tried to overcome the weakness of the insurance industry in paying claims, and by changing the behavior in paying claims on time and with quality, a special look Beneficiaries and insurers were paid damages, and as a result of the implementation of this program, we achieved great success in attracting insurers to use Iran’s new insurance services, so that these successes have created a new model in providing services in the insurance industry. Is.

The Managing Director of Iran Insurance considered it important to pay attention to risk management in these systems and emphasized: based on the emphasis of Seyyed Ehsan Khandozi in the General Assembly of Iran Insurance for the establishment of a comprehensive system of insurance, issuance of insurance policies and payment of claims in Iran’s insurance system is centralized. and in addition to the third party and car body insurance policy, life damage, treatment and other insurance fields are also added to this system, and to achieve this goal, the system modification and development program as well as the creation of new methods and patterns for We have on the agenda to increase the quality and speed of services, and these programs will be implemented by the end of the year.

Pointing to the capacity, knowledge, ability, expertise and commitment of Iran’s insurance managers and employees, Sharifi noted: “Iran Insurance has created many successes and honors for the country and the insurance industry with the use of internal forces during its activity, and currently it is also a very good environment for The use of powerful internal forces has been provided due to the expertise of managers, experts and employees of Iran Insurance, and I hope that by using this golden opportunity and with the mutual understanding and knowledge that has been formed inside the company, we can bring Iran Insurance to its true position in the country’s economy. To be good servants for the people of our country.

Farhad Pertovi, the new technical vice president of Iran Insurance, in a short speech, while appreciating the trust of the CEO and board members, as well as the former technical vice president of Iran Insurance, said: “I hope that with the empathy and consensus of different technical fields, we can take effective steps to achieve our goals.” Determined in the company to take. It should be mentioned that in the introduction ceremony of the new technical deputy, the deputy managing directors and technical and staff managers, while congratulating the new technical deputy, expressed their views on various technical issues.

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