Buy 16 kg of fruit in fruit and vegetable fields with less than 200 thousand tomans

According to Fars News Agency, by reviewing the new price list of this organization, it is possible to buy 11 kg of various fruits along with a 5 kg watermelon (a total of 16 kg of fruit) from the fields for 199 thousand Tomans. In the situation that to buy the same amount of fruit, you have to pay 310 thousand tomans in the city.

According to this report, the list and prices of fruits that can be purchased for 198800 Tomans from fruit and vegetable markets are as follows.
1- One kilogram of red apple 12200 Tomans
2- One kilogram of yellow apple is 13800 Tomans
3- One kilogram of Thomson North orange is 10,300 Tomans
4- One kilogram of official southern orange is 10,300 Tomans
5- One kilogram of southern tangerine is 13,500 Tomans
6- One kilogram of northern mandarin 14,200 Tomans
7- One kilogram of sweet lemon 18500 Tomans
8- One kilogram of pomegranate is 16,700 Tomans
9- One kilogram of Shahroudi grapes is 14,500 Tomans
10- One kilogram of banana 28 thousand tomans
11- One kilogram of kiwi 14300 Tomans
12- A 5 kg watermelon 32,500 Tomans

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