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Can L-carnitine and creatine be used together at the same time?

L-Carnitine and creatine have different uses, but both are among the most popular sports supplements among athletes. L-Carnitine is more important than anything else for its fat-burning properties, and creatine in terms of building muscle mass and improving athletic performance. Can taking L-carnitine and creatine at the same time have special benefits for bodybuilders? To answer this question, it is better to first become more familiar with each of these two bodybuilding supplements.

What is L-Carnitine and what are its benefits?

The human body produces L-carnitine from a combination of amino acids called lysine and methionine. L-Carnitine plays an important role in energy production by transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria in cells. Mitochondria burn fat and provide usable energy. L-Carnitine can also be made by eating certain foods such as meat and fish. L-Carnitine supplement is also a good option for athletes who want to increase body fat burning. The benefits of L-carnitine can be summarized as follows:

  • Helps burn fat and lose weight
  • Improving recovery in athletes
  • Reduce the feeling of tiredness after exercising
  • Reduce muscle pain after exercise

L-Carnitine is actually a type of carnitine and there are different types of carnitine. Acetyl L-carnitine can be effective in improving brain function and helping to improve memory. Research also shows that L-carnitine can be helpful in maintaining heart health and controlling type 2 diabetes.

What is creatine and what are its benefits?

Before considering the simultaneous use of L-carnitine and creatine, let me tell you a little about creatine. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that helps energize cells, especially muscle cells. Creatine is produced both in the body and can be prepared by eating foods and taking creatine supplements for the body. Creatine is made up of the three amino acids L-arginine, glycine and L-methionine in the body and makes up 1% of human blood volume. Creatine monohydrate is one of the most popular types of creatine supplement among athletes. The benefits of creatine supplement for the body are as follows:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Accelerate recovery
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Reduce sports injuries
  • Effective in energy production

Since creatine supplementation causes water retention in the body, it should not be used for dry periods.

Concomitant use of L-carnitine and creatine

In fact, not much research has been done on the simultaneous use of these two supplements. Since L-carnitine and creatine both have different uses, their simultaneous use does not seem to be of particular benefit to bodybuilders and professional athletes. L-Carnitine is effective in burning fat and thus helps in weight loss. If creatine is used more than anything to increase muscle mass. Therefore, these two supplements are not very compatible with each other and may even interfere with each other’s function.


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The result of research on the simultaneous use of L-carnitine and creatine

One study looked at the effect of a combination of L-carnitine, creatine and the amino acid leucine on 42 elderly people who, of course, appeared to be physically fit. The result was that the new compound could be a stimulant to increase muscle mass and thus increase muscle strength, but it could also cause nutritional interference.

In another study, the effect of concomitant creatine and L-carnitine supplementation on anaerobic function and body weight changes in athletes was investigated. The result of this study was that taking L-carnitine and creatine together has a positive effect on anaerobic function. In this study, L-carnitine did not show weight loss effects.

As mentioned, studies on the simultaneous use of L-carnitine and creatine are quite limited, but what seems certain is that using these two products together does not have a particular sporting advantage that can be described as an ideal combination of sports.

Can L-carnitine and creatine be taken together?

With all these interpretations, you may still ask, can L-carnitine and creatine be used together at the same time? We must say that research does not show any interference between the simultaneous use of these two supplements. This does not mean that there is no possibility of any interference, but studies that have been done so far have not shown any interference and therefore we can be sure that they will not pose a health threat. But using L-carnitine and creatine together to improve athletes’ performance will not have much effect.


We recommend that if you want to use a combination of sports supplements, first clearly define your goal of bodybuilding and then consult with your sports coach about which supplement is right for you.

Side effects of L-carnitine and creatine

Creatine up to 5 grams per day and L-carnitine up to 2 grams per day are completely safe and do not cause any side effects. If you are aiming to burn fat, use L-carnitine and if you are looking to increase your volume, use creatine. Creatine in high doses may be associated with side effects such as stomach pain and hypotension. L-Carnitine, if used for a long time in high doses, may cause stomach upset, heartburn, body odor, headache and dizziness, and similar side effects. Talk to your instructor about exactly how much to use and how long to use these supplements to determine the exact amount to be taken based on your physical condition.

last word

From what has been said in this article, it can be concluded that the simultaneous use of L-carnitine and creatine will not have a significant benefit in the athletic performance of athletes or the health of the body. But if a person uses these two supplements together for any reason, it will not endanger his health.

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