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Central Insurance clarified about insurance switch

According to monetary financial news, Central Insurance regarding recent discussions about insurance switch, stating that it is always knowledge-based, technological and innovative activities that improve the efficiency of insurance processes, facilitate services to people, reduce costs and open new paths and perspectives for the industry. “In this regard, in order to monitor the interaction process between insurers, insurers and brokers and to ensure the accuracy, transparency and security of the information that will be exchanged between them, as well as the monitoring of salaries,” he said. “Insurers, the creation of an insurance switch in accordance with Article 51 of the Insurance Brokerage Regulations and the relevant instructions was on the agenda of the Central Insurance.”

According to Article 51 of the Insurance Brokerage Regulations and its instructions, from the date determined by the Central Insurance, the exchange of information between online brokers and the Central Insurance, insurance companies and their representatives is done only through the insurance switch. Which provides the following services:

1) Receiving APIs for inquiring about insurance policy rates and conditions, the process of issuing insurance policies and receiving and depositing insurance premiums to the account of the insurance company from the insurance software of insurance companies.

2) Receiving APIs for inquiring basic information and records of insured insured, personal / legal information based on national code / national ID of the applicant for insurance services, basic information of vehicles and… from Sanhab system of central insurance.

So what has happened with the insurance switch is that the central insurance has only done its legal duty and there is no intention to use the insurance switch and creating a monopoly for a particular company and the like is not relevant. Experts in the insurance industry know that the insurance switch is merely a hub and is not a place to gather information, but merely facilitates and establishes communication between the various stakeholders in online insurance distribution processes. The insurance switch also provides the possibility of providing other services and facilities to brokers, insurance companies and their representatives, and enables intelligent monitoring by the institution supervising the activities of issuing and distributing insurance.

Since the insurance switch is connected to the insurance companies on the one hand and to the Sanhab central insurance system on the other hand, its design, implementation and maintenance must be done through approved companies and central insurance trust, which must be controlled by this institution to ensure service stability. Be done.

The purpose of the legislator and the central insurance of the insurance switch, to create an intelligent monitoring mechanism on the insurance technology business environment, to create a platform for information exchange and shaping the digital ecosystem of the insurance industry and to provide useful and value-added services for ecosystem elements. Realization is Open Insurance. Insurance switch provides the basic services required by insurance industry activists from the country’s important databases that are available to organizations and industries outside the insurance industry, as well as information within the insurance industry and insurance companies, and is easily available to e-businesses and brokers. Places online and technology insurance companies and facilitates communication between insurance companies and online brokerage companies and technology insurance. Issuing and providing insurance services requires multiple inquiries from different databases, which will be available centrally and together by the insurance switch.

This switch does not have the task of aggregating information, especially financial transactions, and will not perform comparative operations. Insurers and insurance companies will be. Therefore, it is emphasized that online businesses should not worry about the operation and performance of the insurance switch, because not only will there be no monopoly on online services, but the services of this switch will be provided to stakeholders free of charge or at the lowest cost.

At the end of its announcement, Central Insurance stated: “Various organizations and stakeholders are expected not to pay attention to prejudices, incomplete information and news and not to encourage it so that the business environment of the insurance industry is far from stressful and calm in its growing trend.” “And serve the dear people of Iran.”

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