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Sepah Bank is ready to carry out serious missions in the new ecosystem

According to the financial monetary news, quoting the information base of Sepah Bank, Ayatollah Ebrahimi, during his visit to Fars province, said among the managers and employees of this province: “The new missions assigned to Sepah Bank by the Islamic system are the result of the trust of the officials.” And it is due to the jihadism of the employees of this bank.
The CEO of Sepah Bank stated: The pride of Sepah Bank is the result of jihadist and round-the-clock work, and the most difficult and complex tasks can be done by the employees of Sepah Bank.
Referring to Bank Sepah’s passage through difficult and risky bottlenecks, he noted: “The complex integration process, which was unique in the world, and the plan to transform information technology and design Sepah Bank concepts based on comprehensive banking concepts, which was done almost simultaneously with the merger, are the result.” Jihadi was the staff and support of the country’s officials.
Emphasizing the importance of the strategic transformation plan and designing the organizational structure in accordance with the bank’s business lines, Ebrahimi added: “The structure supports the strategy and vision of carrying out missions, and this structure is ready to adapt to the business environment.” Sepah Bank must move in the new ecosystem to compete with competitors with the program.

* Missions must be commensurate with authority
Referring to the special attention paid to attracting customers, the CEO of Sepah Bank said: “In marketing, missions must be commensurate with the authorities and can not be marketed with closed hands.”
Ebrahimi stressed the need to delegate authority to provincial managers and branch officials to provide facilities and attract resources: the province’s capacity in various fields should be professionally reviewed and marketing should be done accordingly.

* The need for intelligent management of resources and expenditures
Referring to the need for intelligent management of the bank’s resources and expenses, the CEO of Sepah Bank added: “Sepah Bank’s program for liquidity risk management includes a focus on attracting resources.”
He further emphasized on focusing on opportunities, especially in the international arena, considering the size of Sepah Bank and the existence of potentials such as the International Deputy and the bank’s three exchange offices.

* Forming committees to remove business barriers and remove barriers to information technology
Ebrahimi further announced the formation of two committees for removing business barriers and removing barriers to information technology and said: “The formation of these committees has been done in order to facilitate the affairs and move the complex quickly to achieve the goals.”

* Manpower is a valuable asset of Sepah Bank
The CEO of Sepah Bank added: “The burden of heavy responsibilities assigned to Sepah Bank is on the manpower and the employees of Sepah Bank are the most valuable assets of this bank.”
He advised the bank officials to use every opportunity to improve the living conditions of employees and solve their problems, as well as to provide fair use of the bank’s welfare units for all employees.
Ebrahimi, referring to the measures, plans and efforts made to improve the living conditions and improve the salaries of employees, expressed the hope that by forming the Office of Managers, the talents in the bank will be identified and by developing a program for qualified manpower, Sepah Bank in Horizon 1404 As a jihadi bank, the basic people shine on the level of the Islamic Revolution as in the past.

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