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Checking the bank accounts of individuals continuously by the Central Bank

In an interview with the Iran Economist, “Mohammad Barzegari” stated: “The announcement of the commercial bank account number has been made in the implementation of Article 10 of the Store Terminal Law and in the implementation of Budget Law 1401 and the approval of the Monetary and Credit Council.”

He added: “Therefore, people who do business should inform the tax administration in which bank account the business activity is deposited.”

The head of the Regulatory Center of the Tax Affairs Organization continued: “From June, when we receive the job statement, we ask people to declare their account numbers in the tax file, and the system will be approved by the central bank and the business account number will be registered.”

Barzegari emphasized that the number of accounts is monitored by the Central Bank: if the account number is not declared as commercial, it will be considered non-commercial; Of course, the accounts of individuals are checked continuously and systematically by the Central Bank.

He emphasized: According to the algorithms, data mining and criteria in the systems, if the deposit is suspicious to the business, it will be notified to the account holder and the tax administration.

The head of the Regulatory Authority of the Tax Administration pointed out: The Tax Administration informs the person that the business activities have been carried out with an account, which must provide convincing reasons in this regard with documents, otherwise the tax must be paid in addition to anti-money laundering offenses. Pay.

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