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US Cyber ​​Command confesses to operations against Russia

According to the CNN news website, the US cyber command revealed that it has carried out an operation to support Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

In an interview with Sky News, General Paul Nakasone revealed that forces under his command have carried out several cyber operations as part of an effort to help Ukraine.

“We have carried out a full range of operations; “Offensive, defensive, and intelligence operations.” The official US Cyber ​​Command declined to comment on the details.

CNN wrote that it is rare for military officials to publicly acknowledge government hacking operations.

US President Joe Biden has repeatedly said that the US military will not engage directly with the Russian military.

Asked if the recent intelligence crackdown violated the US commitment, the White House said that did not happen.

“We do not see it that way,” said White House spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre.

Earlier, the White House had warned on several occasions that the United States would retaliate against Russia with cyber-attacks if necessary.

It appears that Russia has not yet launched a cyber attack on Ukraine or its allies. A defense official told Cyanan that Russia does not want to enter into an intelligence conflict with the United States.

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