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CIA expert warning: America is heading towards coup and civil war

According to an IRNA report on Tuesday, quoting the Independent website; Walter, a professor at the University of California, San Diego, told CNN that he believes the United States will soon reach the point of irreversible political instability and fall into the abyss of conflict and civil war.

“Based on international comparisons, the American political system is no longer a democracy in the true sense of the word,” he said, referring to the advisory board of the CIA-affiliated Political Stability Working Group, which oversees the signs of civil war in the United States. It is not considered. The United States is on the list because of its high risk of civil war.

In another part of his speech, he assessed the process of collapse of American democracy and political instability in this country as surprisingly fast, and the two factors involved in his analysis were the presence of imperfect democracy and the emergence of entrepreneurs seeking political power through They create racial, religious and ethnic divisions.

Without mentioning the presidency of Donald Trump, a former businessman and media personality who came to the post following concerns about immigration to the United States, Walter called the idea of ​​a perfect American democracy unrealistic, adding: “We all wish That the United States has a strong democracy, but in fact this is a misconception. The US democracy has declined in all respects over the past five years, especially when compared to the democracies of Switzerland, Denmark, Japan and Canada.

A picture of the American people attacking Congress on January 6, 2021 after Trump lost the election

The likelihood of a military war in the United States is greater than its people imagine

The professor, who has studied political conflicts for more than 30 years, recently told the Washington Post based on his new book, How Civil Wars Begin? The United States is more likely to face a civil war than the American people imagine.

Walter was speaking as three former US Army generals warned of a possible coup if there were any doubts about the 2024 presidential election as they saw signs of political separation among US military personnel.

According to Newsweek, Retired US military officials have warned that there could be a coup or even a civil war if the 2024 election results are not accepted by part of the US military.

US military-security figures worry about their country’s future

General Paul Eaton, Brigadier General Steven Anderson, and Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba, in a joint article in a petition originally published in the Washington Post, called on current US leaders to take steps to prevent such incidents. They have declared that they are increasingly concerned about the destructive chaos within the US military and that all Americans are in danger after the 2024 election.
They warned of the possibility of a “complete breakdown of the chain of command along US party lines” and the danger of “creating a secret government” led by a losing candidate who refused to accept defeat, referring directly to former US President Donald Trump and his role. In an attack on the Congress building in January of this year (January 17), it was announced that American veterans and active members of the US military were present in the attack on the Congress.

Increased arms purchases by the American people; People are worried about the civil war

New research shows that more than five million adult citizens in the United States purchased weapons for the first time between January 2020 and April 2021; Statistics show that the acceleration of arms purchases coincides with the failure of efforts to limit arms shipments in the United States.

CIA expert warning: America is heading towards coup and civil war

The hot market for gun sales in the United States

According to the latest figures from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a country with an increasing number of deadly gun violence-related violence every year, the rate of firearms seizures at airports is unprecedented in 2021. It has arrived over the past two decades and indicates insecurity at US airports.

The Pentagon, already fearful of destructive chaos within the US military after the 2024 election, has issued a new order to like the content of extremist groups on social media for its staff. And banned military forces.

According to IRNA, on January 6, 2021, at the same time as the vote of the Electoral College (Electoral College) to approve the results of the November 3 presidential election in the US Congress, Trump called on his supporters to protest in protest of several US lawmakers. The so-called peaceful. But they attacked Congress in large numbers and, after clashing with security forces, were able to enter the building and its various rooms. Five people, including a policeman, were killed in the violent attack. Although Trump’s attack on the US Capitol was accompanied by his second impeachment in Congress, his trial in the Senate failed with Republican opposition.


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