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According to the report of Tejarat News, according to the report of the country’s auditing organization, the inventory of unsegregated-national and favorable lands of the National Land and Housing Organization is 11,500 billion tomans, including the acquired lands, which were handed over by natural resources based on Article 10 of the Urban Land Law. The mentioned organization has been recorded and reflected at the regional price under the heading of unseparated land inventory, in the direction of the accumulated land acquired from national and favorable lands.

Examining the minutes of the transfer and transformation of lands in the past years indicates that in the previous transfers of natural resources, exceptions and current transfers were not deducted from the area of ​​the plates and a part of the said plates including 17 thousand 53 hectares was taken over by various natural and legal persons, which also It is not known whether their amounts are not deducted from said license plates

Occupation of 296 apartments of the National Land and Housing Organization by the builders

In another part of the report of the audit organization, it is stated: Considering the nature and field of activity of the National Land and Housing Organization and also the geographical dispersion of the land inventory of the built units, the management system and internal controls have not been designed and implemented properly.

Due to the existence of weak internal controls, in previous years, some employees have illegally transferred land with residential, commercial and administrative uses to others by accessing ownership documents and through forging administrative correspondence and colluding in several stages. (As an example, the assignment of 60 and 54 plots of land in the cities of Qochan and Qazvin province, respectively). In this regard, a petition has been prepared and is being processed in the judicial authorities. The above-mentioned ownership documents have been transferred by the mentioned persons in the name of others.

At least 733 units in the amount of about 279 billion Rials from the inventory of built rental units have been given to different people without entering into a contract and receiving installments. Also, at least 11 of the above units are in the possession of other organizations without signing a contract.

The number of 66 residential apartment units located in Tehran province with an area of ​​5031 square meters and a total price of 772 million Rials including 29 units in Saadat Abad, 13 units in Shahran and 8 units in Ferdous Boulevard and 230 units built in 13 other provinces under the ownership of the partner ) or used by third parties. The characteristics of the occupiers, the results of the measures taken to remove their dispossession are not known to this organization. Also, the details of the units at the disposal of the employees of the reported organization have not been provided to this organization.

It should be mentioned that the audit organization’s report is related to the six-month intermediate period ending on 31st Shahrivar of the year 1400.

Source: Tasnim

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