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Narration of the “Bumgerd” contest with humor/punishment of conscience “I don’t travel” – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr’s reporter, Pooyan Powendeh is the narrator of the documentary about the competition.Economist” Is. Chapter III “EconomistDirected by Toraj Kalantari and Amir Maniri Even days at 20:00 from the network A broadcast and its purpose is to introduce tourist attractions and traditions of each region with a focus on industry ecotourism Is.

The third series of this program in rural Semnan Province Lasjard And the city of Sangsar has produced four families According to Items suited to the region’s ecosystem compete with each other.

EconomistProduced by Seyed Jamal Odsiminthe product Art organization It is a top media and in the institution Oma The film has been produced.

We talked with Pouyan Pouindeh about the experience of being in this collection.

* About the start of cooperation with “Economist“Tell me and what was the attraction for you?”

An idea was suggested to me by Toraj Kalantari, the producer, and Amir Moniri, the director, which was interesting, about a program that is supposed to show the climates of the country, and it is also new from this point of view, and I have so far reality Washing I had never seen it made in Iran.

* Didn’t the newness of this program make the risk of accepting participation in this job too high for you?

The truth is that Mr. Kalantari and Maniri In the first season, he had worked with a long-standing actor, Ashkan Sadeghi, and this history of the series made it difficult for me, because the humor and salt that Sadeghi added to the work was behind many experiences, and now I have to be a student and a teacher who taught me. I was successful in attracting this profession. I tried to consider all aspects of this Challenge to go through; It means speaking Nrishan In that atmosphere where there was a fierce competition between the participants, I softened it and softened it for the audience so that the poison of competition and violence in the competition was removed.

* How did you add that salt?

It was achieved under the guidance of the producer and director. I the same We perform the same text that is given, and in the literary structure of the sentences, there is a fundamental change in the recording Nrishan I do not create Only in the content and tone of speech Hand I take it and make fun of it and I hope it will be liked by the audience.

* Your tone for the characters is different and has personality; How did you get this performance?

In general, I constantly ask the director and producer what the personality of these people is like, and according to the personality of the participant who accompanied the director on the trip, those jokes are coordinated. The whole work has been done under the supervision of the directors and Mr. Kalantari gives us information that, for example, a certain participant from It’s funny and it’s easier to joke with him, or he says about something else, how many times this person went crazy and was close to it. fight So don’t joke with him too much so that he doesn’t get upset when the show airs. We tried to be on the razor’s edge the way Let’s make sure that the program is not ridiculed and that we have as many virtual jokes as possible in the medium of television, and that the output of the program is not dry, that it is viewed only through the eyes of a documentary, and wherever necessary, with jokes and Laugh With Mrs. Susan breeder Contest host and company interactors we have.

* How open are you to change the text that is given to you?

I will not change the text because it brings responsibility. Earlier and in the previous season, I changed places and tried to interfere Text I have, but the program went back and forth! At the moment, 90% of what is said is already written, and I have simply added seasoning or salt and pepper to the program. Some of the jokes are too bookish and I like the tone change I do. Sometimes a word or sentence can have many consequences; As a result, I try to make the least changes so that there are no problems with the program.

*Economist» is trying to combine competition and ecotourism be an attractive product; For you personally ecotourism How much of a concern?

I have a guilty conscience for not traveling due to busy work. when “Economist” I was happy in the sense that many other people are like me or those who do not have enough money, do not have the time, after watching this program they can see pristine places and ecotourism that they have not been to; Places whose local foods and spaces are not yet known to the general public. Residents of Tehran are always on vacation North to go and it’s as if he doesn’t know any other place to travel except the north of Iran, while for example, the Abar Semnan forest is ten times more beautiful than the forest texture of the north of Iran in some seasons. airier Is. Of course, today due to the economic conditions prevailing in the society, it has become difficult for everyone to travel.

* How many times have you appeared in various platforms and television series, which one do you think was seen the most?

When I played Manouchehr Hadi in the “Giso” series, thanks to God Image I became more known. “Red Square” was ultimately unsuccessful due to various problems that Mr. Ebrahim Ebrahimian, the director of the series, found with the project manager and the production team, and the series also had problems in broadcasting on the platform. After that, I worked with Mr. Saeed Aghakhani in the series “Raz Baqa” and after that in the series “Chembandi” by Shahid Ahmadlou for the network. Three appearances I had; and also inbread Kh 4″ I played in Nowruz 1402 It has been broadcasted on the Sima network.

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