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Common diseases of humans and rhesus monkeys cannot be prevented / which animals are suitable for keeping at home?

A wildlife expert said: “Rhesus monkey” is one of the animals that has been imported into the country through wildlife smuggling and unfortunately it has become popular to keep it as a pet, which has many common diseases with humans, many of which are preventable. are not.

According to the social reporter of Moj news agency, keeping a pet is common in almost all countries of the world and in our country in the last two decades. Pet It has gained many fans. The important issue in keeping these animals is choosing the right species to keep; Because if the wrong species is chosen, irreparable damage will be done to the environment, the animal itself and the health of the household members.

Unfortunately, with the popularization of keeping animals at home, profiteers have taken advantage of the interest in increasing interactions between humans and animals, and to make more money through wildlife trafficking, they have introduced the wrong species as pets, which cause harm to human health and wildlife populations. has been

In this regard, Dr. Mehdi Zare Khormizi; A wildlife and biodiversity expert told Moj News Agency: “A pet has a series of characteristics, the most important of which is that it does not have a Sourse (root) in the wild.” If an animal is taken from the wild, it cannot be a pet in any way, because by this we have destroyed the nature and it makes everyone go to the nature, take an animal, and this order of the ecosystem is disrupted.

He said: The second most important feature for keeping animals at home is that they have the least common diseases with humans and that these diseases can also be prevented. Some suitable pets include cats, dogs, rabbits and a variety of birds. These animals are domesticated and have the least common diseases, and these diseases can also be prevented with vaccines and prophylaxis treatments.

This expert emphasized: In total, if we want to list the suitable animals to keep at home, maybe their number will not reach 20.

Zraa Khormizi said: One of the animals that has been imported into the country through wildlife smuggling and unfortunately, keeping it as a pet has become popular, is “rhesus monkey” which is kept as a pet when it is a baby, but after it matures And showing its aggressiveness creates many challenges for its owner.

In this regard, he explained: This animal has many common diseases with humans, many of which cannot be prevented; You may control the transmission of rabies from monkeys with a vaccine, but you cannot prevent the spread of hepatitis. Herpes virus and all kinds of viruses and microbes are shared between humans and monkeys, and these things have made the rhesus monkey not a good choice to keep at home.

The wildlife expert said: Rhesus monkeys were smuggled into many countries of the world and bought by people, and people who were unable to keep them at home left the monkeys in the wild, thus introducing an invasive species into the ecosystems. They have entered naturally.

Zare Khormizi added: The rhesus monkey is not wild at a young age, but after a few years, it has become extremely wild and violent, and people who are no longer able to keep it, have left it in the wild, thus causing the destruction of native species in those countries. We see the same thing happening in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

He warned about the release of this species in the nature of Iran and reminded: this animal has a high adaptability, is omnivorous and easily climbs trees; If the monkey enters the nature of our country, it can destroy all the native species of our forests, such as all kinds of birds.

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