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The main need of volleyball to get out of the crisis/we need the best human resources – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Jahangir Seyed Abbasi said about the performance of the Iranian national volleyball team in the Olympic qualifiers: Before the participation of the national team in the Olympic qualifiers, the predictions were that the national team might have problems against Brazil and Italy, but we saw even Against other teams such as Ukraine and the Czech Republic, which are ranked lower than Iran, the team lost the result and the expectations were not met. At least it was expected that the national team would do better to maintain its position in the world ranking against the teams that are ranked lower than it, but unfortunately this did not happen.

Expectations in the League of Nations and Asian Championship were not met

Iran’s volleyball expert said: The national team did not meet expectations in the League of Nations and the Asian Championship. The goal in the Asian Championship was for the team to defeat Japan and win the title. But this goal was not achieved. In the Asian Games, Japan did not appear with the main team, that’s why we got the desired result. But the score of the Asian Games is not counted in the world ranking, and that’s why it had no effect on our team.

He emphasized: The performance of individual players in such competitions is not very important, but what is important is the team result. The results obtained by the national team in the last few tournaments have not met the expectations.

The team is under mental, psychological and management tension

The volleyball coach said: I think one of the reasons for the team’s lack of results is mental, psychological and managerial tensions. The team’s lack of results does not mean that Iranian volleyball has weakened, but I believe that Iranian volleyball is in the best condition in terms of human resources, so that volleyball has not had such a condition in the past decade. In fact, I think that apart from Saeed Marouf’s position, which is still vacant, the players have great potential in other positions.

Strong management brings back volleyball

Seyyed Abbasi emphasized: In my opinion, according to the current conditions, the main issue in volleyball is to keep the referee as the head of the federation. In the last few years, he has shown that he has the ability to take Iranian volleyball out of crisis. Of course, volleyball does not have a difficult task to return to its peak days, and only a strong management can handle it. My fear is that they will not allow the presence of the referee, while she has the ability to return volleyball to its peak days and should be given this opportunity.

The main need of volleyball to get out of the crisis/we have the best human resources

Recruiting a foreign head coach is the main need of the team

The volleyball expert said about Atai’s resignation and the change in the technical staff to participate in the Olympics: If the team can maintain its position in the ranking, with more accurate decisions, it can reach the Olympic quota. The federation should enter directly into the planning. The league should be finished before the new year. Recruiting a foreign coach, which is the main need of the team, should be implemented as soon as possible, he should be given a few months to implement his ideas in the team. Anyone who has technical ability should be invited to the team to help Iranian volleyball.

Atai was not in control of himself

Seyyed Abbasi said: Sometimes there is a difference of opinion between the players, but the solution to this issue is not to draw a line between the players. It is important to apply the art of management and use them. I think Behrouz Atai should have managed and controlled himself more instead of controlling the environment.

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