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Communicating the national registration of 7 cultural and historical works to the governor of Kerman

According to Aria Heritage, in one of the letters of Engineer Seyed Ezatullah Zarghami, Minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts, addressed to Ali Zeinavand, Governor of Kerman:

Pursuant to paragraph (c) of the single article of the Law on the Establishment of the Cultural Heritage Organization approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in 1985 and paragraph 6 of Article 3 of the Statute of the Cultural Heritage Organization approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on the registration of valuable movable and immovable cultural and historical historical monuments. Relevant lists, the registration of the cultural and historical monument “Tappeh Khanum” located in Kerman province, Anbarabad city, which has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran, No. 33467, dated 5/18/1400, after the necessary legal formalities, is announced.

The said work is under the protection and supervision of this ministry and any intrusion, seizure or operational action that leads to its destruction or change of identity is a crime under Articles 558 to 569 of the Fifth Book of the Law on Islamic Punishments, Punishments and Deterrent Punishments. There will be legal penalties and the restoration of the work will be possible only with the approval and supervision of this ministry.

In five other similar letters to the governor of Kerman, Engineer Zarghami also announced the national registration of five cultural and historical works as follows:

  1. “Timcheh Alikhan Kooh Banan Kerman” located in Koohbanan city, central part, Koohbanan city, Azadi Boulevard, Imam Khomeini Boulevard, Taleghani Street, corner of Imam Mosque Boulevard, old four alleys) No. 33443, dated 5/18/1400
  2. “Sirjan Grand Mosque (Gholam Hossein Khan Mosque)” located in Sirjan city, Imam Khomeini St., Sirjan historical bazaar, next to the entrance of Asgari bazaar, No. 33444, dated 5/18/1400,
  3. “Platli area” located in Anbarabad city, central part, No. 33464, dated 5/18/1400,
  4. “Tala Castle” located in Anbarabad city, southern Jabalbarz section, Tel Samand village, No. 33465, dated 5/18/1400,
  5. “Qaracheh Daghi House” located in Kerman city, central part, Kerman city, Beheshti street, Tahmasb Abad crossroads, Ferdowsi street, end of Ferdowsi dead end, number 33466, dated 5/18/1400
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Earlier, Ali Asghar Monsan, former Minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Handicrafts, wrote a similar letter to the then Governor of Kerman. / 5/6 had announced.


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