Compare stock prices and Ferghun!

According to Tejarat News, after a few days of sharp growth in the stock market index, the market turned red again yesterday and the declines started. The drop of 1,489 points raised the index of the shareholders’ voices and the rallies of the stock exchange protesters were held in front of the parliament once again.

Quoted from the world of economy Exchange losers One of the most important factors in the current market situation is the problematic mechanism of creating a queue and then offering a queue, which frightens shareholders and the tool of this is considered to be the limitation of volatility. They have repeatedly asked the officials and decision-makers in this field that if they are really concerned about the stock market and want the stock market to return to its original rail, they should change their minds and solve the roots of the capital market problem; Not with sections, notices and support packages that do not last for a few days and again day after day, day after day! Some of these shareholders also addressed the Minister of Economy and Finance, Ehsan Khandouzi, on Twitter yesterday and wrote that if he has the power, he will remove the corrupting mechanism of fluctuation, volatility and base volume from the stock exchange and eliminate it altogether so that those who create shareholders’ funds Buy and sell queues come into play, cut once and for all.

This group of active shareholders in cyberspace believe that the trust of the people has been taken away from the stock exchange and as it passes, the trust of the remaining people will be lost; Therefore, the revival of the stock market situation depends on the behavior of the government and the government, and the people must be sure that the goal of the government is not only financing the stock market, but also their capital. On the other hand, there are still hopes among some of these shareholders that the Ministry of Silence will stand by its word to dismantle the orderly pricing and will not back down under the influence of populist behavior.

The stock market may be saved this way, but what was most prominent yesterday in the contents of cyberspace exchange activists was the republishing of the statements of Mohsen Rezaei, the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, about the 1.7 million index. Yesterday, when the index became negative, shareholders used Mohsen Rezaei’s remarks as a critique, irony and protest against the government. For example, one of these users tweeted that “Haj Mohsen performed the deception operation again.”

Some wrote that the stock market was punctured and the index went to be corrected. Yesterday, at the same time as the fall of the stock index, a news item was published in the media about Ferghun’s strange price.

This news was related to the report of Hamshahri newspaper, which said that within four years, the price of Ferghun has at least doubled and reached about four million Tomans!

This news was a good excuse for those who had brought their capital to the stock market in recent years and suffered from the fall of the index. They said that even the price of Ferghun grew with inflation, but the shares of small shareholders not only lagged behind inflation, but also lost at least 80%.

These shareholders wrote that if they had bought and stored Ferghun with the capital they invested in the stock exchange, their situation would have been much better today. They were upset about why they took the promise of the officials seriously and entered the capital market with their encouragement.

Some of them gathered again in front of the Islamic Consultative Assembly yesterday to voice their protest to the people of Baharestan. Affected shareholders also held placards with the important 10 promises of Ibrahim Ra’isi during the presidential election, as well as post-pastoral promises to improve the capital market.

They demanded that their demands be heard and met. Of course, this is not the first time that shareholders have gathered in front of the parliament. They have gathered in front of the stock exchange organization or the parliament several times since the beginning of the stock market collapse, but not only did they not get any results, but the market situation has also worsened.

In addition, several campaigns and several complaints were registered on the website of the Exchange Organization, but to no avail. Now shareholders have come to the conclusion that perhaps the problem is the corners that need to hear their demands and work for their lost capital.

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