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Completion of 1000 workers’ housing in Sistan-Baluchistan by the end of the year / Cooperatives borrow 25 thousand billion tomans

Mehdi Maskani, in an interview with the economic reporter of Fars news agency, stated: In the 83rd session of the Supreme Employment Council, it was approved that 25% of the facilities of Note 18 will be allocated to the cooperative sector, if the resources of this note are allocated by the Program and Budget Organization. By the end of the year, 25 thousand billion tomans of cheap facilities will be available to the cooperatives.

* Five thousand billion tomans of facilities for knowledge-based cooperative companies

The Deputy Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare said about low-cost facilities for knowledge-based cooperative companies: 101 knowledge-based cooperative companies have been registered in the country so far, it is planned to allocate low-cost facilities and increase the number of these cooperatives to 250 companies by the end of the year. he does.

He added: Inexpensive resources for knowledge-based cooperatives will be allocated in the form of 2 thousand billion tomans of facilities, as well as another 3 thousand billion tomans from the facilities of the Cooperative Development Bank, and a total of 5 thousand billion tomans of facilities will be paid to knowledge-based cooperatives.

* Existence of one thousand inactive production cooperative companies in the country/ introduction of 45 cooperative companies to banks to solve the problem

Referring to the fact that there were one thousand inactive production cooperatives in the country, Maskani said: According to the government’s resolution, with the cooperation of the first vice president, the revival of inactive cooperatives will be put on the agenda. In line with the movement to revive production cooperatives, the problems of these companies are pathological. The statistics have been announced to the devices.

The Deputy Cooperative Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare stated: Many of these productive cooperative companies had bank debt problems, to settle these debts, 45 cooperative companies have been referred to banks so far and their problems will be resolved by the end of the year.

* 200 thousand residential units will be built for workers in the form of cooperative companies

Regarding the construction of workers’ housing, he said: According to the memorandums signed between the Ministry of Cooperatives and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, 200,000 residential units will be built for workers in the form of cooperative companies. It has been operated in worn-out fabrics with the help of Tehran Municipality.

The Deputy Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare said: 100,000 residential units will be built for the professors and employees of Azad University in a memorandum of understanding with the Islamic Azad University, and 2,000 residential units have been built in a project that was recently opened in the city of Golbahar, Mashhad. Is.

He added: On the other hand, the construction of 15,000 residential units has started in Sistan and Baluchistan province, and 1,000 residential units will be completed and handed over to applicants by the end of this year.

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