Conducting a doping test in the final stage of the Azad Wrestling League – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, in coordination with the Wrestling Federation and the National Anti-Doping Headquarters.Nadu), the representatives of this headquarters from Morning On the day of the competition, they were present in the hall and took action on the doping test of the 4 teams present in the competition.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

The first match of the half Ultimate: Petrorefining Blish Takestan – Stars of Sari (10:15 a.m.)
The second match of the half Ultimate: Shahr Bank – Mass Builders Hoten (12 o’clock)

Classification meeting: Semi match losers Ultimate (4 p.m.)
Final match: The winners of the semi match Ultimate (19:00)

According to Mehr reporter, in the stage Ultimate Azad Wrestle Premier League competitions, team Petrorefining Blish Takestan will face Sari stars and Bank Shahr team will have to face the crowd Hoten be placed

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