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Cooperative Development Bank has been more active in the 13th government

Company news; Hojjatul-Islam wal-Muslimeen Seyyed Ebrahim Raeesi, President, by stating that the cooperative development document was revised and approved after 11 years in the 13th government, announced that the cooperative development bank has become more active in this government.

He announced at the first conference of “Cooperative Economy of Iran” which was held in the presence of the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, some members of parliament and activists in the field of cooperatives, that he supported the cooperative sector and promoted the role and contribution of this sector in the economy. The country is one of the clear manifestations of popularization of governance and government.

Thanking all the efforts made to strengthen the cooperative sector, the president pointed out the activation of 8,000 cooperatives during the period of the people’s government, especially in the women’s sector, and added: “The cooperative document was waiting for revision for 11 years, which was done at the very beginning.” People’s government was done and this document was finalized.

Raisi also appreciated all the efforts and activities of cooperatives in the fields of service, production and other economic activities, emphasizing that it should not be enough and stated: This meeting is to review the activities carried out in the cooperative sector and review and provide solutions. More field giving is held to the cooperative sector.

The President stated that we have seen great successes and achievements wherever the people have been given a platform, and clarified: the formation of specialized working groups and the examination of the issue in the Cooperation Chamber, the Deputy Ministry of Cooperation of the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare and also by the representatives of the Islamic Council can Help to remove obstacles and facilitate the activities of cooperatives.

Emphasizing the activation of the national cooperative movement, the president added: There is a readiness for the meetings of the cooperative council to be held as soon as possible and the obstacles to facilitate and strengthen the activities of the cooperatives to be examined and removed.

The president went on to give strategic recommendations to cooperative companies and emphasized on paying special attention to the issue of increasing productivity, and stated: I advise and emphasize to all cooperatives, the cooperative chamber and the cooperative deputy of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare that the issue of increasing Pay special attention to productivity as a central issue and measure the productivity by looking at the amount of credits and facilities.

Raisi added: The realization of the economic growth target of 8 percent, along with foreign investment, depends on the important issue of increasing productivity and planning in this field.
The president continued to emphasize increasing competitiveness in cooperatives as his second strategic recommendation to cooperative companies and said: In this context, cooperative companies should compete with each other in increasing production and improving efficiency and services.

44 investment efforts in the cooperative sector in the 13th government

The Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare also said in this conference: We will reform the governance of pension funds for the participation of the cooperative sector and non-governmental organizations in order to increase the share of cooperatives in the economy.

Seyyed Soulat Mortazavi stated: The realization of the motto of cooperative governance and people’s governance has an executive guarantee and good works have been done.

He added: The 13th government’s view is to strengthen and develop cooperatives in the country’s economy and use people’s capacities. Today, the president accepted the invitation of the cooperatives and attended this conference, while representatives of different countries and members of parliament are present in this conference.

Referring to the contribution of cooperatives in the country’s economy, the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare said: 101 thousand active cooperatives are working in the country.

Pointing out that 373 new projects were put into operation, he said: 44 thousand billion Tomans have been invested in the cooperative sector since the beginning of this government’s work.

The Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare stated: 91% of these resources came from people’s micro-capitals, which shows the tendency of people to participate economically in cooperatives.

It should be noted that the CEO Mohammad Sheikh Hosseini, Seyed Baqer Fatahi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mohammad Jafar Irani, a member of the Board of Directors, and Mohammad Zulfiqari, Acting Deputy CEO in Legal Affairs and Supervision, and some of the headquarters managers of Tehseh Cooperative Bank were present in this conference.

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