What is the price of French cars in Iran? + Table of best sellers

In the table below, you can see the daily prices of all types of French cars in the market.

The market price of all types of French cars

brand model (year of manufacture) Performance (km) price (tomans)
Peugeot 2008 assembly 2019|Iran Khodro Zero 2,200,000,000
Renault Talisman E3 2018 Zero 3,350,000,000
Renault Koleos 2018


Renault Duster SE with two differentials 2018 Zero 2,50,000,000
Renault Captur assembly 2017|with heater – Iran Khodro Zero 1,830,000,000
Citroen C3 assembly 2018 | Saipa Zero 2,000,000,000

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