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Corona disrupts Nolan & Warners relationship / next film with Universal

Christopher Nolan broke up with Warner Bros. after 19 years working with him to make his next film with Universal.

Theater News Base: Universal Pictures As a new collaborator in Christopher’s next film نولان It was announced and the next movie that Based on Robert’s activities Oppenheimer And his role in making the atomic bomb will be by financial privilege and distribution of the film by Universal Goes forward.

According to sources, the production of this film will start in the first season of 2022, and as such Previously It was said Kilin Murphy will play a key role in the film; However, nothing has been decided yet about the actors in the film.

Three گانه “Dark Knight”, “Indoctrination”, “Dunkirk” and most recently “Tenet” films from نولان Were with Cooperation Warner Bros. was created. The beginning of this collaboration dates back to the construction of “Insomnia” in 2002.

Warner Bros. controversial decision to release all of its films in 2021 via اچ‌بی‌او Max For 31 days at the same time as showing in cinemas, it was the reason for the director’s separation from this company.

Make a new movie نولان With his wife and Emma Thompson Which is one of the old partners in film production نولان Is in their own company «Syncope Now they are producing.

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