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Decentralized BlueSky Social Network (BlueSky Social); Everything you need to know

Blockchain technology and Web 3.0 are developing at an incredible speed. Social media and other online platforms, like any other business, struggle to adapt to the latest changes in technology. One of the leading platforms in the use of blockchain technology in the field of social networks. Bluesky Bluesky is a decentralized social network led by Jack Dorsey.

After selling Twitter to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Dorsey focused on developing the blockchain-based platform. He plans to connect all social networking platforms through multi-platform technology. Also, the founder of Twitter tries to protect the privacy of users on Bluesky more than any other social network. Dorsey has promised that there will be no advertising bombardment of users in his new social network.

In this article, we want to examine the details of this decentralized social network. First, we’ll take a look at the BlueSky platform and why it was built, and then we’ll point out the pros and cons and the future of this new technology. If you also want to learn more about the new generation of social networks, stay with us until the end of the article.

What is BlueSky Social decentralized social network?

Dorsey is working on the next generation of social networks with the idea of ​​building an “open and decentralized” platform. The BlueSky social network platform is designed on a transparent and decentralized platform called “Authenticated Transfer Protocol”. The authenticated transport protocol provides access to multiple services and allows users to communicate with other networks. By using this technology in Bluesky, users have the freedom to create their own social networking platforms and manage them with their own rules and regulations, while also interacting with other platforms.

Decentralized BlueSky Social Network (BlueSky Social); Everything you need to know 2

Dorsey’s main goal of creating this protocol is to make the use of social media transparent for users and leave the control to the users themselves; A goal that differentiates this platform from other social media. The question that arises here is, what is Bluesky supposed to be different from the current social networks? Think about the ads you come across when you search the Internet. These ads are as if they are hand-picked for each person and are displayed at the best time.

In fact, these ads are based on algorithms and data that examine user behavior and offer specific ads to each user. This type of data tracking and ad display can be annoying and violate people’s privacy. According to Dorsey in his tweets, Bluesky wants to solve this problem; Thus, it allows the user to control these algorithms himself.

Rumor has it that Dorsey wants to compete with his previous company, Twitter; But the evidence says otherwise. Let’s take a closer look at how Bluesky differs from previous social network projects. Next, we explain how to create an ideal network for the BlueSky social media platform using a verified transfer protocol; But before that, let’s take a look at the interesting history of social networks.

History of social networks

Social networks have come a long way since the late 1990s and the beginning of the new century. The first platform that had a function similar to current social networks was Six Degrees. This network allowed users to upload profile pictures and make friends online. Nowadays, virtual social platforms have provided more possibilities. In these platforms, users can create content and exchange goods or even create a store to sell new or second-hand goods. In fact, these platforms can transform the way people around the world interact with each other.

At the beginning of the emergence of social media, like any other big change, there were many concerns about their possible negative effects. Currently, more than a third of the world’s population uses one of the types of online social networks; But the question remains whether these media have harmful effects such as mental health problems or not?

In addition, there are theories that consider social media as a cure for many mental health problems; Because these media provide the possibility to communicate with the desired people regardless of the distance from them. Also, by using these networks, it is possible to access people with special status or information that would not be possible without them. In the image below, you can see the population of the United States and their use of technology between 1930 and 2019.

With this introduction, what will the next generation of social media be like? If we want to answer this question in simple language, we must say that the first generation of virtual space only allowed users to publish content in a read-only format. Internet users could only visit websites and access information from anywhere they were connected to the Internet. In the second generation of the Internet, users shared their content through blog posts and audio and video on one of the host websites. Now in the third generation of the Internet, users have complete control over their virtual experience. Let’s examine this issue in more detail.

Familiarity with decentralized social networks

As we said, previous social networks allowed users to experience virtual space; But the user could only read the content. Then, the development of technology allowed users to create and share content with blogs and audio and video through a hosted website. Now with the third generation of the Internet or Web 3.0, users have full access and control over their chosen server, data audit or censorship, privacy rights and algorithms within the network.

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In the past years, we have seen numerous data breaches on centralized social networking platforms. In these incidents, the users’ data has been made available to a third party without their consent. Usually, this information leakage happens due to the sale of user data by the owners of social networks. In addition, there are hackers operating on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram who steal users’ personal and private information and cause them to mistrust these platforms. For example, a security breach caused Facebook to lose 24% of its stock value overnight.

By creating decentralized technologies based on blockchain, users will have the most secure social network possible. This technology allows social media platforms to put data control in the hands of their most valuable assets: their users. Blockchain-based platforms are designed to free users from restrictions and protect their data in the best possible way.

The third generation of social networks provides complete control to users. Federated networks, such as the Verified Transmission Protocol, promote user independence and the absence of a central authority. One of the important advantages of such networks is that users can share their content freely and without restrictions. At the same time, one of the weaknesses of these networks is the freedom of extremist groups; Because they can act freely like other people. It should be noted that other users can block such content; But they cannot prevent their presence on the network.

Advantages and disadvantages of decentralized social networks

Blockchain and decentralization technology has several advantages; From immutability to complete mastery of data by users. However, these advantages can quickly become disadvantages if not implemented properly. Freedom from unwanted advertisements and freedom of expression are very positive characteristics of decentralized social networks; But only before they get out of control. With the freedom to publish any content, people may engage in virtual bullying, hate speech, etc.

Decentralized BlueSky Social Network (BlueSky Social); Everything you need to know
Decentralized BlueSky Social Network (BlueSky Social); Everything you need to know 3

Virtual media platforms and blockchain technology can work in harmony with each other and provide the best services to users around the world. Of course, there are still problems facing this technology. Although blockchain technology is secure and can be trusted, it must be remembered that no technology is impenetrable. Hackers are always lurking to make this space unsafe. However, developers can solve some of these problems with further research. Time will tell the final result.

Confirmed Transfer Protocol (What is AT Protocol?

Verified Transfer Protocol (AT Protocol), formerly known as ADX, integrates the latest ideas in blockchain technology into an open network. It is a new social networking protocol that provides a way for servers to interact with each other; Something similar to email platforms. The aforementioned protocol is a federated network, which means that it allows a website to run simultaneously on several different servers. Also, in this protocol, users can choose the server they use and even host the website themselves.

Attributes of an authenticated transfer protocol

A few features distinguish an authenticated transfer protocol. The first feature is the ability to move the user account. Users can move their data from one server to another without losing it. Another feature is the possibility of choosing an algorithm. While users of conventional online platforms cannot choose or create algorithms, the Verified Transfer Protocol allows users to do so and puts them in control of their virtual experience. For this, a free algorithm mode has been added for users.

Another important feature of the protocol is the possibility of proper interaction and compatibility of platforms with each other. This feature, called Interoperation, is an important factor for a flawless and smooth user experience. Authenticated Transport Protocol has a schema-oriented framework called Lexicon for interaction, which is used to solve the coordination problem between platforms. The fourth and last feature of this protocol is its scalability. This feature is important for any online platform. Users need a service that is fast and reliable and does not lag during times of high demand. This protocol prioritizes scalability and strives to provide users with fast downloads and high volume scalability.

What is the next step?

All businesses must adapt to new technologies and solve current problems to survive in the market. Bluesky is one platform that aims to do exactly that. Dorsey’s new platform wants to build the next generation of social networks by combining social networking and blockchain technology. Bluesky solves the problem of privacy and data; Problems faced by platforms. In this network, users can create an account without using personal identification information, mobile phone number, date of birth or email address. Furthermore, they will not rely on a central authority to protect their sensitive information.

All businesses must adapt to new technologies to survive in the market
Decentralized BlueSky Social Network (BlueSky Social); Everything you need to know 4

After all, Bluesky is economically neutral due to its decentralized nature and the use of federated protocols such as the AT protocol. While advertising brings a lot of revenue to online platforms, BlueSky has given up on this economic advantage in order not to violate users’ privacy.

Instead of advertising, these protocols use digital currencies like Bitcoin to advance the processes. For example, TikTok pays its users for creating valuable content. Paying content producers encourages them to create more quality content and attracts more viewers to this platform. Investors who believe in the successful future of these platforms pay the capital that is needed to execute and implement these developments.

The future of BlueSky and other Web 3.0 social networking platforms is bright. However, blockchain technology is still developing and changing and still has problems along the way. However, it is to be hoped that the further development of this technology will solve these problems over time.


Led by ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, social networking platform BlueSky can solve censorship and privacy issues. These are the problems that most current social networking platforms struggle with. Meanwhile, BlueSky’s new technology provides a scalable, reliable and secure solution for user privacy management.

BlueSky gives its users the freedom to choose their preferred server to host and secure their data as they wish instead of relying on a centralized authority. With its AT protocol, this platform allows users to interact with other members of blockchain networks similar to how users of email platforms communicate with each other.

The verified transfer protocol allows BlueSky to benefit from all the benefits of blockchain technology. Also, this protocol provides the advantage of creating an online experience for users that is governed by their own set of rules and regulations. Another important point is that users will not be bombarded with annoying ads thanks to the algorithm selection feature in the verified transmission protocol.

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