Delay in notification of rural housing loan quota / but and if banks to pay housing facilities

According to Tejarat News, rural housing loan is a facility that the government pays for the improvement and renovation of rural areas. The purpose of paying this loan is to cover part of the costs of building housing in villages and cities with less than 25,000 people.

rural housing construction loan, Initially, last November, it was approved by the Council of Ministers and its ceiling was set at 200 million Tomans, but now there have been news about increasing the ceiling of this facility for some time. Mehrdad Bazarpash, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, has also stated in this regard: Currently, the rural housing loan is 200 million tomans and we will do our best to increase this figure in coordination with the banks. We approve in the Money and Credit Council and the government to increase the share of rural loans.

Although the increase in the ceiling of supporting loans in the field of housing purchase and construction can be good news for construction applicants, but now it is not so easy to get a loan in the country, especially in the field of housing.

The main issue in this field is the banks’ claim that they do not have enough credit to pay for the facility. Salehi, the new head of the Housing Foundation, has announced that 50,000 cases are in the process of receiving a loan of 200 million for rural housing, but the quota for 1402 has not yet been notified to the banks.

Of course, as said Rural housing construction loan It is not the only facility related to the housing sector that the applicants have to run to get it, and finally, facing the closed door of credits, they have to look for another way to provide the cost of building and buying a house.

Shrinking the loan umbrella of the National Housing Movement

In May this year, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced the possibility of a 50% increase in construction loans in the National Housing Movement Plan. The news that the Central Bank acted on after some time and the public relations of this institution announced the individual ceiling National housing movement loan It has increased to 550 million tomans.

Of course, the Central Bank has recently decided that only the supporting projects are subject to the increase in the facility ceiling of this plan; This means that urban and rural self-owned projects are not subject to the increase of the ceiling and the reduction of the interest rate of the mentioned facilities.

In the self-ownership method, the land owners for construction – either mass or normal – on their own land, from National housing movement loan use.

Shrinking the statistical population and reducing the number of people subject to an increase in the ceiling of the facility, however, based on field observations, many applicants receive National housing movement loan When visiting most bank branches, they are faced with a sentence from the staff: “We don’t have credit.”

Therefore, the nominal increase in the payment ceiling of housing sector loans or the improvement of its conditions as long as it is faced with the lack of credit from the banks will ultimately not help the applicants, most of whom are also from the lower strata of the society.

The government must first determine the credit status of these loans and then provide conditions in which banks do not refuse to pay home loans.

Banks’ refusal to pay the loan of the third child

The performance of the banks in paying the 200 million tomans housing loan for the third child is proof of the banks’ disinterest in paying these loans.

Five banks, Mellat Bank, Saderat Bank, Tejarat Bank, Housing Bank, and Post Bank were required to pay 200 million Tomans loans to the third child from the beginning, but the report of the Central Bank shows a strange number of the recipients of these banks.

Based on this, Mellat Bank has provided facilities to only five applicants and Post Bank has paid only 12 loan items for the third child. Three other banks are in the next ranks; Trade 28, housing 109 and export 193 loan facilities have been given to households without housing.

The total payment of these banks amounts to 67 billion 400 million Tomans and this is while the statistics show that the budget of the youth law is 900 billion Tomans. Therefore, banks have used less than eight percent of the total budget for this plan.

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