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Denying the claim of a security flaw in the signal messenger

In recent days, France has banned the use of messaging applications WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal for ministers and their teams, claiming the existence of security vulnerabilities.

According to Aetna from Isna, this claim angered Meredith Whittaker, the president of Serih Allahjah Signal, who described these claims as dangerously misleading and denied them.

In a Nov. 22 announcement, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne ordered ministers to use French apps, which are more secure, noting that these digital tools are not without security flaws, Politico reported.

Whittaker tweeted on Nov. 30: “French Prime Minister has ordered ministers to use a small French messaging app.” Well, I am concerned that he is claiming a security flaw in the signal to justify this action. There is no evidence to support this claim, and it is dangerously misleading, especially given that it is made by governments.

Signal actually prides itself on taking the privacy of its users seriously. Signal was the first application to add quantum-level cryptographic protection to its code. This service is also one step closer to removing the phone number in order to strengthen the privacy of its users.

Whittaker himself is famous for taking a stand against the eavesdropping model of big tech companies.

French ministers and other civil servants have until December 8, 2023 to remove messaging apps from government devices and use authorized French apps. The Olvid app is an encrypted messenger that encrypts messages and metadata and has been certified by the French cybersecurity agency ANSSI. French digital minister Jean-Noel Barro confirmed that he and his team have been using the messenger since July 2022, and that the app appears to be the world’s most secure instant messaging system.

According to TechRadar, another French messaging app is Tchap, which was designed and launched by the government in 2019.

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