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Description of the details of the mourning ritual photo “Arbaeen 1400”

According to Fars News Agency, the press conference of the “Arbaeen 1400” ritual photo mourning was held today (Sunday, September 12) in the presence of Mehdi Tavaklian, secretary of the mourning, Ali Asghar Khosravi, cultural and artistic director of District 16 and head of Bahman Cultural Center and a group of media people.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mehdi Tavaklian, the mourning secretary of the “Arbaeen 1400” ritual photo, said: “This year, due to the Crohn’s restrictions, the Arbaeen mourning ceremony will be held in a more limited way and various Iranian tribes will mourn according to their own culture.” This mourning is also held at the national level and artists from different parts of Iran can participate in it. According to the decision of the Policy Council, Dr. Kamaluddin Shahrokh is the honorary chairman of the mourning. He is considered one of the pioneers of ritual photography and has a rich artistic background.

He announced the holding of specialized workshops in this mourning with the aim of increasing the knowledge of artists and said: the more knowledge and ritual artists have about the subject, the more effective the output of their works will be. Adolescent and young photographers can make the most of these workshops. For this purpose, an attempt has been made to use various professors in various fields such as the sociology of the Arbaeen event and media literacy. Photographers who have been participating in the Arbaeen March for many years also share their experiences with students in these workshops. The most important reason for holding workshops is to strengthen and enrich the intellectual content of photographers and to achieve the goal of photographers to take research-oriented photography.

Tavaklian said about the terms and conditions of the “Arbaeen 1400” ritual photo mourning: “The mourning will be held in two parts: single photo and photo collection.” Single photos are given priority by judges who have sufficient captions and descriptions, and sets of photos that have a statement are given priority. The aim is to encourage the new generation of photographers to become well acquainted with the mission of photography in today’s media space and to use its potential.

He added: The jury of the mourning photo of “Arbaeen 1400” will be composed of Satyar Emami, Mohammad Sadegh Heidari, Keyvan Amjadian, Zuhair Seidanlou, Somayeh Gholami, Soraya Bayat and Mehdi Tavaklian, and the deadline for submitting works to the mourning will be 14 October.

The closing ceremony of the mourning ceremony will be held on the 9th of Rabi-al-Awal, the anniversary of the beginning of the Imamate of Hazrat Mahdi (as), which coincides with the 24th of October. In this ceremony, the selected mourners will be honored and the first to third persons, in addition to receiving the festival statue and plaque of appreciation, will receive 30, 20 and 10 million Rials cash prize, respectively. Also, three pioneers of ritual art, Rasoul Olyazadeh, Seyed Abbas Mirhashemi and Jasem Ghazbanpour, will be honored.

Those interested in registering and sending works to the mourning can refer to and for more information call 55312304 and 55060166. The sugvare.akasi and farhangsara_bahman pages on Instagram also host the audience.

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