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Holding the first mourning of “Imam Hussein (AS) Nation” in memory of Sardar Soleimani

According to Fars News Agency, Massoud Kaviani, the secretary of the first mourning of Imam Hussein (AS) nation, said today in a press conference held at the Basij Media Organization: “The school and chapter of Imam Hussein (AS) is a wide and extensive chapter that can be Studied it.

The secretary of the first mourning of Imam Hussein (AS) nation, emphasizing that the foundations of the Islamic Revolution are rooted in the school of Imam Hussein (AS), continued: For example, in the field of knowledge, peaks of knowledge can be observed in this school and in various fields including politics , Had self-sacrifice, spirituality, humanity and… words to say and this is a huge capacity that should be considered. Also, the attraction of this school makes all human beings love it, so it is necessary to introduce this capacity to the people.

Pointing out that significant measures have been taken in various fields, he said: “During these years, numerous mourning and tears were held at different levels. They work in different fields in memory of Sardar Soleimani under one title and with the synergy of the institutions holding the mourning of “Imam Hussein (AS) Nation”.

Kaviani stated that the purpose of setting up a permanent secretariat for Hosseini mourning is to increase and recognize the capacities, needs, talents and exchange experiences of Ashura activists and added: Independent activity of each mourner, avoiding duplicate and parallel work and specialization of each section, development of the mourning public area and creating a suitable platform for delegations are other goals of the mourning of Imam Hussein (AS) nation are the most important goals of this secretariat.

The secretary of the first mourning of Imam Hussein (AS) nation further pointed to the quality of products based on thematic axes and said: Imam Hussein (AS) nation mourning is held in two sections, public and professional, which in the public section witnesses the creation of scans and observation of carnations in space. We will be virtual and in the professional part of the production call in different formats.

* Mourning for print and digital media

Massoud Basiri, the head of the Basij Media Organization, said: “Part of this mourning is related to the servants of the media who write directly and indirectly about Arbaeen and the nation of Imam Hussein (AS) in the print and digital media.”

He added: “It is necessary for veterans and those who have productions in this field to pay attention and appreciate their productions, so part of this mourning is related to the praise of journalists, so the works of journalists by judges will be announced soon.” Will be judged.

The head of the media mobilization organization said: “The media mobilization, based on its duty in this mourning, praised the journalists who are considered as trenchless builders of the holy defense era.”

Mohammad Sadegh Afrasiabi, the spokesman of the Permanent Secretariat of Hosseini’s mourning, said: “Radio and Television and Radio Maaref offered a synergy between Hosseini’s mourning, and this was a new step that was taken.”

The spokesman of the Permanent Secretariat of Hosseini Mourning stated: Those who are interested can send their works to the Secretariat of this mourning until October 6th.

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