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Details of 13 strategic plans for the propylene chain/petrochemical caviar development with an investment of 2 billion dollars

According to the economic reporter of Fars News Agency, the National Petrochemical Industries Company has decided to define twenty packages of investment plans in five main petrochemical chains with an investment volume of 3.9 billion dollars with the aim of self-sufficiency and economic development of the country.

By completing and exploiting these plans during the 7th and 8th five-year development plans, 3.7 million tons of downstream products with high added value will be added annually to feed downstream industries and diversify the country’s products and export destinations.

Details of the 6 strategic plans of the National Petrochemical Industries Company in the propylene chain are given in Table 1. Due to its strategic importance, propylene is known as the caviar of the petrochemical industry.

The total investment of 13 propylene chain projects developed by the National Petrochemical Industries Company is estimated at 2 billion dollars.

Table 1-6 propylene chain design

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