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Innovation requires a safe space for idea makers

According to the financial news report, quoted by the General Department of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Central Insurance, Majid Behzadpour, the General Director of the Central Insurance, in the third week of the technological campaign of innovative Tuesdays of the insurance industry, stated the above, increasing the satisfaction of policyholders with insurance services as the ultimate goal. Insurers reminded and added: Achieving this goal in the current situation requires the use of technological, innovative and technological platforms.

Behzadpour, referring to the “facilitation of supervision” as one of the most important advantages of using technological platforms in Central Insurance, said: In addition to this issue, the proper use of technological platforms will provide the necessary grounds for “increasing accuracy in supervision”.

In another part of his speech, the head of Central Insurance stated “facilitating insurance operations”, “accelerating insurance service processes”, “reducing costs”, “increasing productivity”, “providing extensive services” and “reducing fraud” as the most important goals of technological programs. He mentioned the insurance industry and added: The insurance industry is a collection of public and private companies that, while cooperating, have a lot of competition to provide insurance services to the people, and their ultimate goal is to satisfy the policyholders and public trust.

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Insurance continued his speech and said: The foundation of the insurance industry is to use new and technology-based methods in the chain of insurance services provided from “issuing and selling” to “claims assessment and payment” so that by adopting this approach, first of all We should not be left behind in providing insurance services and secondly, we should be prepared to compete with other international and regional insurance companies.

He stated: Looking to the future can update the provision of services, and based on this, we must be prepared to play a role in major developments.
The head of Central Insurance emphasized that the basic strategy of Central Insurance in establishing this campaign is to increase the penetration rate of insurance by relying on new methods and products and said: the realization of the goals foreseen in the upstream documents and programs requires the use of creative ideas by strengthening communication. The insurance industry is with customers and insurers.

Referring to “fulfilment of legal duties” and “strategic movement for the development of the insurance industry” as the important axes of the movement of the Central Insurance in order to achieve the predicted goals, the head of the Central Insurance said: in order to be on the path of leapfrog movement, use of facilities and services Technology is a serious necessity, which, of course, should not be complete without a plan and roadmap, therefore, the plan prepared to achieve the anticipated goals was carried out with the cooperation and accompaniment of experts and specialized institutions, and the implementation of this survey has also become a part of the mentioned plan.

It should be mentioned that in the third week of the innovative Tuesdays technology campaign of the insurance industry, which was held in the presence of the executive board members, a group of central insurance managers, representatives of the Iranian Insurers Syndicate and the Insurance Research Institute, some of the most important systems of the Middle East insurance company and applications in the field of customs and transportation The iPad company was introduced.

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