Details of the 26th of August release of the car in the commodity exchange

According to the online economy report, quoted by Isna, the obstacles in the way of entering the car into the commodity exchange were removed, and in this regard, on August 26, 350 Fidelity and 250 Dignity machines belonging to Bahman Motor Group will go to the industrial hall. According to the release announcement, 85 of these cars are black Fidelity 7-seater type 2 and 90 white 7-seater Fidelity cars, which will be sold at the price of 772 million Tomans. 85 Fidelity five-seater type one black and 90 Fidelity five-seater type one white at the price of 758 million 500 thousand Tomans, as well as 125 black Dignity Prime devices and 125 white Dignity Prime devices each at a price of 821 million 500 thousand Tomans. be.

Based on the specifications of the product that can be supplied, each national code is allowed to place an order on one of the supplied codes on the date of supply and only for one vehicle. Issuance of document and vehicle numbering will be only in the name of the buyer.

What fees should buyers pay?

In addition to the cost of the car, buyers are required to pay 9% value added tax based on the final sale price. Also, they should pay 17 million 391 thousand 902 Tomans for Fidelity including tax and tolls for numbering, car card smartening, postal services, number plate production and numbering, third party insurance.

For Dignity, the cost of 35,350,000 Tomans, including the intelligentization of the car card, postal services, production of license plates and numbering, and third-party insurance must be paid by the buyers in the name of Bahman Motor Company.

Order registration time and how to buy a car from the commodity exchange

It is possible to place an order for a car that will be released on August 26 until 17:00 today (Tuesday, August 25). Applicants to buy a car in the stock market must first obtain the stock exchange transaction code. The way to get the Commodity Exchange code is that the applicants go online or in person to one of the authorized brokers and get the Commodity Exchange code. Of course, they must be registered and authenticated in the Sejam system before that. After obtaining the commodity exchange code, applicants must open a proxy account. A proxy account is an account that allows the stock exchange to withdraw from that account after the buyer has purchased the company and goods in the process of competition, and in this way the settlement process can be carried out.

One thing that should be noted is that in order to buy a car, a part of the base price of the car (according to the announcement of the stock exchange) must be available in the buyer’s proxy account. In this way, when the order is registered, this amount is blocked in the proxy account until the auction process is completed. After finalizing the buyers’ order registration on the day when the supply and auction process takes place, the buyers will participate in the competition based on the base price in the company’s auction process and if the demand is greater than the supply. Also, the value added tax that will be paid is based on the final price that the buyer has finalized in the registration and purchase system. In this way, buyers should consider all the announced costs for buying a car.


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