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My Persian The request of disabled people from Tehran Municipality/property of sidewalks should be taken into consideration

According to the city reporter of Fars news agency, a large number of disabled people in Tehran joined a campaign in “Fars Man” and demanded to make the sidewalks suitable for the disabled and the blind.

Disabled people announced in the statement of this campaign; Unfortunately, the encroachment of shops and some buildings on the sidewalks, as well as the existing barriers to prevent the movement of motorcycles on the sidewalks, the type of pavements, etc., reinforces this mentality for the movement of disabled people in wheelchairs, mothers with baby carriages, blind people, etc. and by-laws, the necessary arrangements have not been thought of and a certain privacy has not been assigned for the sidewalk.

Of course, the scope of these problems in Tehran is less than in other cities, but solving this problem in the capital also needs to be given more attention.

I have to say; According to global statistics, about 15% of the world’s population, i.e. more than one billion people, live with some form of disability. People with disabilities are less likely to participate in various fields, including society, economy, and education, and they face more economic problems compared to people without disabilities. Contrary to public opinion, the reason is not disability itself, but external obstacles and structural limitations resulting from society’s inattention to the issue of disability. Urban, educational and work environments are not suitable for people with disabilities both physically and culturally and are an obstacle for the full presence of people with disabilities in society, growth and improvement of their quality of life.

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