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Detecting and dealing with Ramzarz scams is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Silence / License of a network marketing company

Deputy Minister of Trade and Services of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, said: The case of violations of two network marketing companies in the last meeting of the Committee for Supervision of Cyberspace and Network Marketing Activists was suspended and the license of one of them was suspended. , Was not the subject of Ramzarz and the license of the mentioned company was suspended for other reasons.

Alireza Shahmirzaei told Shatannews: “Basically, the Ministry of Silence does not issue a license to publish a new cryptocurrency or to use cryptocurrencies in monetary and financial exchanges, and the issue of ‘mining’, which is known as mining, is a completely different matter.”

He added: identifying fake and illegal cryptocurrencies and detecting organized scams in the field of cryptocurrencies and dealing with such scams or introducing fraudsters in this area is not one of the duties of the Ministry of Silence.

In response to the question of who is in charge of Ramzarz, Shahmirzaei said: “Clearly, any monetary and exchange rate regulations in the country are announced by the Central Bank, and Ramzarz is a kind of money or quasi-money.”

He added: “Of course, the issue of mining or mining, as long as the mere use of equipment and electricity to produce world-famous cryptocurrencies for the purpose of currency, is considered an industrial activity, but any use of cryptocurrencies in payments or financial investments, within the scope of silent duties.” Likewise, detecting and dealing with illegal cryptocurrencies is not normally the responsibility of the Ministry of Silence, and it is the job of the central bank, which, of course, usually has the role of intelligence agencies in detecting large fraud cases.

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Regarding the recent rallies held by the victims of an illegal cipher near the buildings of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, Shahmirzaei said: Samat was addressed simply because the defendants in the Ramzarz case were owners of a network marketing company licensed by the ministry, and the losers demanded that the company’s network marketing license be suspended.

Shahmirzaei added: “The judiciary is investigating the case and the Ministry of Silence has not been responsible for filing the case or the proceedings of this case, and the judiciary has not issued any judicial order to the Ministry of Silence to suspend or revoke the company’s license. If the cooperation required by the judiciary or the intelligence service, we will certainly not hesitate to eradicate any fraud in the field of Ramzarz from the country.

The Deputy Minister of Trade and Services of the Ministry of Silence, while referring to the duties of the Committee for Supervision of Trade Union Activists in Cyberspace and Network Marketing, said: “This committee has 7 members who are also members of various intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

He added: “The duties and powers of this committee are clear in the current regulations of the country and of course we believe that the number of meetings and the volume of monitoring activities of this committee in recent years are not commensurate with the growth of cyberspace and e-commerce activities in the country.” We have a committee and its activation.

In the end, Shahmirzaei, while re-emphasizing that the suspension of the network marketing company license, which was approved by the majority of committee members in the meeting on Wednesday, March 2, was related to non-compliance with network marketing regulations, said: It is natural that they try all possible ways to realize their rights and are worried about delaying the processing of their complaint. To issue. Therefore, it is better to follow up with the responsible agencies in this regard.

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