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“Dez is still passing through my city” and a story of women’s resistance in Dezful

According to a Fars News Agency radio and television correspondent, the documentary “Dez is still passing through my city” directed by Amin Ghadami will be broadcast on the first day of the Holy Defense Week as part of the fifth documentary television festival on the Sima Documentary Network.

This documentary narrates the rainy days of Dezful and the resistance of women in this resilient city, and under the pretext of the life of the martyr Esmat Pouranuri, reviews the resistance of women, children and families against the aerial bombardment of Saddam’s Ba’athist regime.

Gadami, the director of this documentary, said about making this film: “At first I wanted to make a film about a martyred lady in Dezful, but in the end I came to the conclusion that instead of making a film about someone who has been martyred, it is better to talk about women who They experienced those days and are now alive. In fact, each of them was in the situation where the martyred lady was present, and they saw everything that happened, but they were not martyred.

He added: “So I tried to tell the story of their behavior today, as well as their memories of the years of holy defense, of the resilient women who were martyred, and to portray the story of their lives.”

Pointing to the importance of the sub-narratives that took place in the heart of the war, the documentary said: “In wars and difficult situations that arise for the people of any country, there are fringe events that are not usually seen but have many stories to learn and inspire.” . The story that happened in Dezful is one of these stories. The main event of the war took place in the front lines, but these margins are also very important, because the product is that the war has entered the houses.

Gadmi explained about the choice of the name of this film and said: Dez has a very important role in Dezful. In general, in hot and dry cities, water plays a very important role and people love the river that has created life in their city. The same is true in Dezful, and over time, Dez has become a character among the people. On the other hand, the bitter bombardment that leads to the martyrdom of a large number of people in Dezful takes place on a bridge that passes over Dez. The connection between these two issues made me choose this name. Furthermore; Dez is a symbol of self-sacrifice and its survival to this day means that the spirit of sacrifice is still alive among the people of Dezful.

He explained the process of producing this documentary: At first, I did library research and read books in the Dezful area. Studying these books helped me to get to know the women present at this event and the martyrs of Dezful better. I was alone in Dezful for about a week and found the characters, and finally the filming took 10 days.

The director of the documentary “Dez is still passing through my city” said about the role of women in the eight years of the holy defense: “Some things could only be done by women and we see that women work very hard behind the front lines.” In addition, a soldier who fights on the front lines has the emotional support of a mother or his wife behind him. Therefore, the role of women was not only to do one thing, but also to have an encouraging presence. Therefore, I believe that paying attention to war stories is very important from the perspective of women.

The producers of this documentary are: Director: Amin Ghadami, Production Manager: Mehdi Khanbanpour, Photographer: Adel Memarnia, Music: Habib Khazaeifar, Voice: Mehdi Salari, Graphic Designer: Hamidreza Bedaghi.
According to this report, the documentary “Dez is still passing through my city” will be broadcast tonight, September 22, at 8:00 PM on the Documentary Network, and its rebroadcast will be aired tonight at midnight and tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM.

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