Did the stock exchange use core business bandwidth for mining?

According to Tejarat News, the details and details of the miner devices in the stock exchange company are still in a state of ambiguity and many questions of the shareholders have not been answered yet. For this reason, there are many rumors about the issue, one of which is about using the core bandwidth of transactions to mine; The subject was explained by the CEO of the Stock Exchange Technology Management Company.

Ruhollah Dehghan explained about some of the rumors that the stock exchange company used the core bandwidth of the transactions to mine: “This claim is not true at all.” If a mining device was found, it was in the building of the stock exchange company located in Saadatabad; While the trading system is kept in another place and in isolation.

The trading network has no connection to the Internet

He continued: “If there is a discussion about extracting the currency code, for this process, the miners must be connected to the Internet; While the transaction network has no connection to the Internet and is kept on a separate network. All brokers know that they must use special connections to connect to this separate network.

The CEO of the Exchange Technology Management Company, emphasizing that the trading system does not have access to the Internet, said: “Technically, mining devices are designed for special uses; Therefore, their operation is technically impossible for the trading system.

According to this report, last week, despite the denial of the stock exchange company and also Tavanir organization, the stock exchange organization confirmed the existence of several miners in the stock exchange company and Ali Sahraei, the CEO of the company who resigned from his position, announced in one of his conversations The members of the board of directors of the stock exchange company were aware of the existence of mine devices in this company.

Also, the Greater Tehran Power Distribution Company issued a statement announcing that, according to the officers’ report on the site inspection, 82 miners who were not in orbit at the time of the company’s visit were seized.

Source: ایسنا

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